Von's Vision Day Comes to DeSoto ISD

Alum's Early Vision Struggles Inspire Vision Health Outreach Effort for DeSoto ISD Students
Posted on 11/01/2021
Vons Vision Day

Ensuring students’ visual health is strong is one barrier to learning families can eliminate for their children. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 25 percent of children ages 2-17 will require some form of vision correction.

Poor vision can impact students’ ability to focus, develop hand-eye coordination, develop strong reading and comprehension skills and hinder confidence.

As a child, DeSoto High School Alum and NFL MVP Von Miller remember times when he went to school without glasses or was made fun of because of his glasses. Without glasses, it was impossible to see, impossible to get any work done, and with glasses nearly impossible to maintain a positive self-image. 

Today, for many children, receiving glasses isn’t something they embrace and look forward to. They get made fun of because their glasses aren’t cool, or they don’t have glasses and they can’t see. Children with vision challenges come to Von’s Vision program, receive eye care, and then show up at school with a pair of fashionable, brand new glasses that were given to them by Von Miller. That child goes from being the least to the beast.

Thanks to Von’s Vision, Miller’s charitable foundation which provides students with eye care and fashionable corrective eyewear they need to be their best in the classroom and in life, students in DeSoto ISD will have access to free eye exams and glasses.

From 10 am to 3 pm, Von’s Vision will be at the DeSoto High School freshman gymnasium on Saturday, November 6, 2021, for a Von’s Vision Day program. Partnering doctors will be on-site to provide basic screenings and full examinations to determine what type of corrective eyewear a student may need. Participating students will be able to choose a NEW pair of glasses from a selection of stylish and high-end frames courtesy of Etnia Barcelona. This program is eligible for students enrolled in grades 6 through 12 in DeSoto ISD.

Selected glasses will be delivered to the student's campus within six weeks of the event.

Those interested in taking advantage of free eye exams and glasses provided by Von’s Vision should pre-register at WWW.VONMILLER.ORG/PAGE/EXAMDAY