DeSoto ISD's Communications, Marketing & Engagement is committed to serving the DeSoto Independent School District in as many capacities as possible.

The DeSoto ISD Communications team is focused on sharing, clarifying, and making accessible the vision, mission, goals, values, and commitments of DeSoto ISD.

DeSoto ISD Communications serves the district in the following capacities:

The work of the DeSoto ISD Communications Department is to ensure that the DeSoto ISD school community is informed, aware and has access to news and updates regarding the district while fostering a sense of pride, increasing engagement and elevating the visibility of the district’s programs, opportunities, and positive news.

Department Contact Information: 

Tiffanie Blackmon-Jones

Chief Communications Officer

(972) 223-6666 ext 8414

[email protected]

Jacquinette Murphy

Assistant Director of Internal Communications

(972) 223-6666 ext 8445

[email protected]

C. Rena Thomas

Coordinator Partnerships & Community Engagement

(972) 223-6666

[email protected]

Karmeda Mitchell

District Receptionist

(972) 223-6666 ext 8200

[email protected]