Emergency Information

In DeSoto ISD, we take a proactive approach to ensuring your student’s safety. In light of events that have occurred in other districts, we want to notify DeSoto ISD parents and the DeSoto community of district measures regarding school safety and preparedness for crisis management. We believe that by establishing plans, communicating these to everyone who may need to be involved, and then exercising or practicing the plans, we will be able to better manage difficult situations effectively. The district will always yield to law enforcement, fire, and other law enforcing entities that have jurisdiction to protect students, teachers, and the community of DeSoto. In order to protect students, teachers and parents, district notification will take place when all the facts point to an event that could have or has the potential to put others in danger.

We employ a variety of security measures in our daily efforts to provide safe and secure learning environments. These measures reflect our community's high expectations for school safety and include the following:

  • School Resources Officers (SROs) and District Security Team
  • State-of-the-arts camera surveillance system
  • Raptor visitor system and secure entrances at campuses
  • Crisis Intervention Committee and Emergency Management Plans
  • K-12 Character Education, mentoring and bullying prevention programs
  • Community partnerships with city, DeSoto Police and Ministerial Alliance

This district will continue to place students, teachers and other staff members safety as a top priority. I hope this letter helps you better understand our desire to keep our children safe in all circumstances and will continue taking measures to be prepared for various scenarios. If you have any questions about this matter, please feel free to contact your child’s campus principal or central administration at 972-223-6666 at any time. Thank you for your support and your partnership.