District Issued Devices

In the DeSoto Independent School District, our core mission revolves around preparing students for success in the dynamic landscape of the 21st century. This mission requires an outlook that aligns with the current needs and aspirations of our students, acknowledging the pivotal role that technology plays in their lives today and will continue to play in the years and decades ahead.

Our meticulously crafted one-to-one student device initiative is designed to harness the transformative potential of technology, providing our students with unparalleled opportunities to access the world both effectively and responsibly. DeSoto ISD is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience for students in PreK-12 by supplying devices designed for educational purposes throughout their enrollment in our school district.

Every DISD student receives devices and associated accounts, enabling access to the district's network and the internet for coursework execution, communication with teachers and peers, and collaborative projects. To meet internet connectivity needs, hot spots are also distributed across all grade levels.

Device issuance adheres to an annual distribution schedule, overseen by the DISD Technology Department.

The distribution of device types is as follows:

  • For PreK-Grade 1, iPads are designated for classroom use.
  • For Grades 2-8, Chromebooks or laptops are designated for classroom use.
  • Students in Grades 9-12 will receive Chromebooks or laptops.

While students are not obligated to use district-owned devices, it is recommended for optimal compatibility. Students with personal devices and internet connectivity can access all the necessary programs and apps for learning. In the case of state testing, students using personal devices will be provided with district-owned devices to ensure a smooth testing experience.