Trademark Protection Information

In an effort to protect the intellectual property, and thus prohibit external profiteering from the district name, we have taken legal steps to protect several district images, slogans and proprietary trademarks including the district seal, logo and new DE logo as well as the wording DeSoto Independent School District, DeSoto ISD and Academic Excellence by Design. This will protect the DeSoto ISD brand and the entities officially licensed to use the brand.

We have a policy regarding licensing agreements at various levels based on an entity’s relationship to the district. For instance, Booster Clubs will be given free licenses with guidelines for usage while local and non-local vendors will have different rates based on proposed usage and sub-licensing arrangements. The complete regulations and licensing are online.

The rate for area/local vendors is a flat rate of $150 this year. We are asking all vendors to complete and return the agreement and fee for compliance. We also ask that you report any misuse or unapproved use to the Communications office.

The ensure protection, officially licensed DeSoto ISD gear should have one of the official logos included – preferably to DE. If you are working with a non-district third-party to produce DeSoto ISD items, they should also have a licensing agreement before you create their product.

We value the DeSoto Eagle brand and appreciate your understanding of the steps taken to protect the brand. If you have any questions regarding the regulations or licensing, please feel free to contact DeSoto ISD Communications