The Meadows Elementary Celebrates Earth Day

The Meadows Elementary Students Celebrate Earth Day
Posted on 04/23/2021
TME Students Celebrate Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, DeSoto ISD kindergarten through second-grade students at The Meadows Elementary (TME) learned about the importance of conversation, recycling, and the human responsibility of taking care of the planet. The students culminated their learning experience with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open their campus garden.

“We can help the Earth by planting flowers, cleaning up the trash, and turning off the lights, " said Caleb, a TME student.

During this learning session, the students learned the impact of human behavior on the environment and the negative environmental effects of human consumption. Students then created a plan to reduce their impact on the environment and made pledges to be more environmentally responsible.

“I pledge to save electricity and pick up the trash,” said Princess, another TME student.

“I pledge to pick up the trash and recycle the trash, and not use that much electricity, " said Caleb.

TME teacher Jaycilva Watson shared that other students joined Princess and Caleb in their commitments.

“We had several children pledge different things. Some of the pledges included: picking up trash, recycling, conserving electricity by turning off the lights, and by planting more seeds, plants, and trees to help save the Earth.”

TME teacher Karen Fields shared that students assisted with the garden’s preparation to actively participate in their learning about reversing the adverse environmental impact.

“The children assisted with pulling the weeds, preparing the soil to plant flowers, and planting the flowers.” 

Additional learning included vocabulary concerning the conservation of electricity, recycling, plants, and the use of garden tools.

As an added moment of celebration, the students created crowns in acknowledgment of Earth Day and participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the school’s garden.

TME Campus Principal Leon Darden shared long-term rewards of students learning through real-world connections. "We know that children learn by doing, so here within the Desoto ISD system, and especially at The Meadows Elementary, we believe in creating experiences that not only allow for enrichment, but that encourage children to be lifelong learners and better understand the world that they live in."