Teacher In Residence Hiring Opportunity

DeSoto ISD Launches Teacher In Residence Hiring Opportunity
Posted on 12/14/2021
Teacher In Residence

The national teacher shortage has continued to impact school systems across the country. The need for effective and dedicated teachers, substitutes and tutors continue to be a primary focus for school systems and that’s why DeSoto ISD continues to work towards creating opportunities to attract and retain high-quality educators.

In June, DeSoto ISD announced its plan to offer a series of stipends and incentives designed to more competitively attract and compensate teachers.

In addition to these incentives, the district is working to create additional opportunities to recruit and develop educators.

In addition to seeking substitutes, the district is also focused on hiring tutors and teachers-in-residence to support student learning.

The teachers-in-residence will work alongside virtual teachers and serve as virtual learning facilitators. To become a teacher-in-residence, applicants must:

  • have a bachelor’s degree and be willing to enroll in an alternative certification program; 
  • have a bachelor’s degree and already be enrolled in an alternative certification program;
  • or be in the final year of a traditional program. 

Teachers-in-residence will phase out virtual teachers and assume  full-time, teacher-of-record roles.

Teachers-in-Residence are eligible for the district’s “Difference-Maker” stipend incentive program.

For detailed information or to apply for the DeSoto ISD Teacher-In-Residence role, visit www.DeSotoISD.org/Employment.