District Message Regarding Social Media Trend

District Message Regarding Social Media Trend
Posted on 09/16/2021
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In partnership with our families, we want you to be aware of a trend happening on the social media platform, TikTok, known as the “Bathroom Challenge” or “Devious Licks.” The challenge is to steal random items from campus, particularly but not limited to restroom items such as soap and toilet paper dispensers and mirrors.


Furthermore, the challenge may include students vandalizing the restroom, which in some instances, causes permanent damage to our facilities. DeSoto ISD takes pride in our ability to provide a clean and safe learning environment for all students. Damaging, destroying, or vandalizing school district property is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct (SCC), campus administration will enforce the consequences within the guidelines set forth in the SCC.

Effective immediately, any student found to have actively participated in the vandalism of school property after campus administration has conducted a thorough investigation, will face potential suspension and/or recommendation for a placement in an alternative setting. Students will also be responsible for restitution and potentially referred to local law enforcement. 

While we have not experienced this in our district, we encourage parents to talk with their children about making right decisions in the interest of keeping our school community clean and safe. We are grateful for your partnership and for your continued support of our district as we address this issue.