DeSoto High School to Offer SAT School Day

DeSoto ISD to Offer SAT School Day to Enhance Student Success
Posted on 10/08/2021
SAT Day Graphic

DESOTO, TX -  DeSoto High School seniors are preparing to embrace their postsecondary future and DeSoto ISD is ensuring that each student has a chance to reach their highest potential. The district is creating an atmosphere for student success by hosting a DeSoto High School SAT School Day on October 13. 

Since 2016, the district has participated in this effort by College Board to remove barriers to college attendance for students. The SAT School Day Program allows districts and campuses to offer the SAT college entrance exam to their seniors during the course of a regular school day, free of charge to students who register.

According to College Board, the SAT exam measures a high school student's readiness for college and is one of two major test scores required for entry into virtually all selective colleges and universities in the United States of America. This exam score provides colleges with one common data point that can be used to compare all applicants during the college admissions process.

“More students take the SAT exam more than any other college admission test. The SAT assesses what students are learning in class and will use in college,” said Robin Johnson-Ford, who organized the district’s first SAT school day about five years ago. “Taking the SAT is the best way to display skills and knowledge that colleges care about.” 

According to researchers, this innovative testing concept increases college entry, access to scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

Susan Dynarski, an independent researcher from Michigan said students who take college entrance exams in states that administer them during the school day see higher college attendance rates and cited that low-income students benefit the most. 

Prior to the decision to host an SAT School Day, high school students would register and pay the testing fee to sit for the exam in an unfamiliar place.

“By offering this SAT School Day to our students, it causes less stress and fatigue because they are testing in a familiar place. They rest better and are more prepared for the test,” said Johnson-Ford as she also expressed the convenience for parents. “Parents do not have to worry about locating testing sites or transporting students on a weekend.”

Students who participate in the SAT School Day will continue to experience the benefits of their participation even after the testing day.

The College Board fee policy also waives the fees for students who participate in SAT School Day for college applications, seek financial aid and allows the sending of their official score reports to an unlimited number of colleges or universities. 

“In DeSoto ISD and specifically at DeSoto High School, we understand that if we want our students to succeed, we must create the right opportunities for success. The decision to offer an on-campus SAT School Day is another measure of how DeSoto is ensuring our students are able to reach their highest potential,” said Monica Smith, DeSoto High School principal.

Prepare for SAT Success with Khan Academy

The Khan Academy has partnered with College Board to offer Official SAT Practice, free, personalized practice available to all students.  

Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy creates a personalized plan for each student to prepare for the SAT, which includes thousands of interactive questions with instant feedback, video lessons, full-length practice tests, and more.  

The online practice platform is available anytime, anywhere, and can be easily used by families, schools, nonprofits, and after-school programs.

Each student has access to a plan built just for them. By linking their College Board and Khan Academy accounts, students are able to use their scores on the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 to strengthening their knowledge in key areas.  

Principal Smith urged students to participate. “I encourage all seniors to prepare for and take full advantage of this opportunity, especially since it is offered during the normal school day, which eliminates other barriers that may exist on a Saturday SAT Testing Date.”

The DeSoto High School SAT Day is Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm on the DeSoto High School Campus. All DHS seniors and select juniors who are planning to take the PSAT should contact DHS Assistant Principal Verlean West at 972-230-0726 or via email at  [email protected].