DeISD Difference-Maker: Sandra Ledbetter

DeSoto ISD Celebrates Sandra Ledbetter, Cockrell Hill Elementary - Second Grade Teacher
Posted on 09/30/2021

A “Difference Maker” is someone who improves the lives of others.

With the ongoing teacher shortage and all the impacts of the lingering COVID pandemic, DeSoto ISD is still committed to providing high-quality instruction from passionate teachers who are focused on ensuring a successful future and helping every student achieve his or her highest potential.

Although some are retired educators who have returned to the classroom, recent graduates returning to their alma mater to develop the next generation of leaders, or career professionals who still see the importance of educating the whole child, in DeSoto ISD, we call them Difference Makers!

Sandra Ledbetter, a second grade teacher at Cockrell Hill Elementary, is a retired educator who returned to the classroom after seeing the needs of her community.

She worked as an educator for over 20 years. Ms. Ledbetter worked for Dallas ISD until retirement and then came to DeSoto ISD to continue her passion eight years ago. She returned to the classroom after seeing a need to prepare students for the future in her own community.

The students inspired me to return to work in Desoto ISD. This is where I reside and I want the children of DeSoto ISD to be able to compete with every neighborhood in the world,'' said Ledbetter. “These students are our future. They need to be taught and nurtured to become the best that they are capable of becoming.”

Her heart for children and understanding of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on schools, and even on DeSoto students was an additional push for her to continue teaching.

“I knew that most of the students would be below grade level in the core subjects, especially ELAR. I knew that helping some students would be better than helping none of them,” said Ledbetter, whose grandchildren are also a product of the district. “My focus will be on reading. I'm getting the students excited about reading books and understanding what has been read.”

Ledbetter knows she is making an impact and improving the lives of her early childhood students when her students are engaged.

“When I see the students' eyes light up every morning, it lets me know that they are eager to learn. The students are working hard and looking for my approval on every assignment.”

When asked about her reason for choosing DeSoto ISD, she shared. “The district is small and is a good fit at this stage of my life. I am an older, experienced teacher that is ready to keep teaching.”

If she could inspire another educator to join her on her journey to help students achieve their highest potential, Ledbetter cited the importance of being committed to making a difference.

“Teaching has to be an important part of your life. If you are willing to work hard, are strong and dedicated to helping children, you're already making a difference in some child's life.”

DeSoto ISD appreciates Difference-Makers like Sandra Ledbetter of Cockrell Hill Elementary! 

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