DeISD to Require Cameras

DeISD to Require Cameras on During Online Learning
Posted on 01/22/2021
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At the onset of COVID-19, many school systems opted not to enforce student use of cameras in the virtual learning space in order to account for privacy concerns.


Given the developments and advancements in video teleconferencing tools such as Zoom, which now offer more easily accessible virtual backgrounds, DeSoto ISD will soon require all students engaging in remote, virtual learning to attend classes with their web cameras on.


The decision comes following data and concerns regarding the lack of student engagement in the virtual learning space.


DeSoto ISD believes that requiring students to turn on their cameras while engaging in virtual learning will increase student engagement, improve student achievement, and provide depth to student learning allowing students to connect with their teachers and peers and more closely mirror the face-to-face learning environment.


“From what our teachers observed and our data told us, confirmed that student engagement was down a great deal,” said Deidre Hannible, DeSoto ISD Deputy Chief Academic Officer. “When students cannot see each other and interact visually, even virtually and when teachers cannot see whether a student is paying attention, awake or actively engaged in the lesson, it is hard to ensure everyone is on the same page and progressing through content appropriately.”


DeSoto ISD students will be required to begin attending virtual classes with their cameras on January 25, 2021, at the start of the fourth six weeks grading period. The District encourages families to begin working with students to utilize their device’s camera while in the virtual classroom setting.


For information on how to set up a virtual background, please visit the link provided below:


DeSoto ISD students and staff can click here to download the district’s official virtual backgrounds.


Additionally, the district encourages students and families to view the Online Learning Expectations, found here.


As an added support, all campuses will utilize advisory/SEL time during the first week of the second semester, to review how to create virtual backgrounds and review virtual learning expectations.