Corrective Action Plans Update: Feb. 2021

Corrective Action Plans Update: Feb. 2021
Posted on 03/01/2021
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Both the school board trustees and district administrators are continuing to progress through their first series of Corrective Action Plans (CAP) mandated by the Texas Education Agency in the fall of 2020. The CAP plans are set for a six-month period and provide insight into the actions and constraints of the Board and the Administration in relation to the work of the district as governing bodies. These plans also outline the future actions of both the Board and the Administration in relation to the work of the district’s improvement.

For the month of February 2021, both the school board and the district administration bodies reported that they are on track with most of their progress measures and will likely exceed their stated deadline of April 2021. 

The Board’s corrective action plan deals with aspects of the district’s vision.  The Board reported that it has completed all progress measures in two of its four objectives, “Setting the Vision” and “Implementing the Vision.”  The two remaining objectives, “Focus on the Vision” and “Communicating the Vision” have a total of three progress measures relating to board meeting etiquette that need to be completed. However, the board is confident the plan is on track to be completed before its scheduled deadline.

Much like the Board, the District Administration corrective action plan centers on academics and district operations. This body reported that it is on track with most of the progress measures in its list of five objectives. While many of the progress measures have been completed or are on schedule, one Finance objective progress measure--the reconciliation of invoice-- was reported as being slightly off schedule due to the vast amount of work hours required to complete this progress measure. Additionally, an academics progress measure related to training was off track due to scheduling last month but is now back on track. The Administration is confident in its ability to have everything on track by April. 

Once this first set of six-month corrective action plans are completed in April, they will serve as the foundation for the planning of the next set of corrective action plans that will continue for the next six months. Currently, in addition to completing these plans, both governing bodies are preparing content for the next set of CAP plans. 

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