Cockrell Hill Elementary Thanksgiving School Lunch

Cockrell Hill Elementary Thanksgiving School Lunch
Posted on 11/17/2023
Cockrell Hill Elementary Thanksgiving School Lunch

At Cockrell Hill Elementary and Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy, parents and guardians were invited to sit down and enjoy a hot, Thanksgiving lunch with their scholars. This Thanksgiving School Lunch event had full servings of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cartoned drinks. Numerous desserts were available including traditional holiday staple pumpkin pie.
The event for both locations was held on November 16 and allowed students and their guests to enjoy their Thanksgiving lunches.
Over 100 families joined together at Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy.

Down the road at Cockrell Hill Elementary School, tables and chairs were set up in the gym. A Thanksgiving themed backdrop, which included a bench, streamers and stuffed animals, provided many smiles to the parents and guardians who were able to attend. The cost for this year’s lunch was just $5 per person.

“I like this tradition Cockrell Hill Elementary has so we can come up here and eat with our kids,” said Brian C. who arrived early to have lunch with Kareem. Decorative balloon pumpkins adorn each of the +40 tables, “I appreciate the opportunity to come up here, I think this is really nice!” Regarding traditions at home, Brian said, “We have to watch football - the wife, maybe not, but we watch the Cowboys!”

Guests had the option of bringing in a favorite meal to share with their children. “She wanted doughnuts,” Chris A. said of his daughter, Jennifer. She took a big bite of a glazed doughnut and smiled. Chris spoke about who he’s thankful for, “It has to be my kids. For Thanksgiving and Christmas we try to be together.” Jennifer is most thankful for having her jewelry, pretty nails, ear rings, and for having her own room. “We don’t cook anything too special, but we DON’T serve potato salad!” When asked who isn’t allowed in the kitchen, Chris laughed and said, “My big brother - he eats too much! He’ll probably eat like four plates!”

Alma N. met with her daughter, Ximena, for their lunchtime date. Alma spoke of what she’s most thankful for, “I’m most thankful for my family, our health, and that we have a place to live. I’m very grateful to God.” For Thanksgiving, the family is traveling to Missouri to see Ximena’s aunt, “We make tamales, we always serve two types of foods: the traditional Mexican food and the traditional Thanksgiving food.” Ximena, speaking through a mouthful of food, happily exclaimed she’s most thankful for her toys, especially her dolls.

Maria and her husband, Randy, had lunch with their nephew, Junior. “I heard about this event a couple of weeks ago and we had to be here! He invited us over so we both took off work just to be here.” For Thanksgiving, the entire family will be eating at their grandmother’s house in San Antonio. “It’s a lot of work just hosting and having people over - and the parking! We try to rotate the holiday around so that way no one gets too burned out.” Randy, a man of few words, spoke of his favorite Thanksgiving traditions: turkey, football, and naps!

Along the far end of the gym, Lacey and her husband, Marion G. sat with their son, “RJ”. Their Thanksgiving plans include driving to Louisiana after this Friday’s early release. “We’re going to see RJ’s grandparents and they live out in the sticks. (RJ) likes playing with his cousins and they all feed the chickens together.” Their family’s traditions don’t include turkey, “I mean, we all love turkey, but growing up, my parents didn’t have much for us. Now we’re just so used to the farm food that we just cook about 25 chickens to feed everyone.” When asked if these will be the same chickens the kids play with, Lacey covered her son’s ears and said, “Yes, but we’ll tell them next year!”

At another table, parents Crystal and Leon N. met with their son Karson for today’s lunch. Leon spoke from the heart saying, “I’m very thankful for my kids. If it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. They gave me the motivation to work harder and to strive for better things in life.” Karson said he’s most thankful for his video games. Many traditions occur within their family, “We always get together at my uncle’s house. I always smoke the ham!” When asked who isn’t allowed in the kitchen, Crystal pointed right at Leon, “He learned how to cook from YouTube!” Leon laughed and said, “Yeah, that’s where I picked my skills up!”

Woodridge Elementary held their Thanksgiving School Lunch on November 8, Amber Terrace and Moates Elementary’s lunch was on November 9. The Meadows and West Elementary schools welcomed parents and guardians on November 14. On November 15, Ruby Young and McCowan middle schools had their Thanksgiving School Lunch on November 15.

DeSoto ISD wishes everyone warm and safe travels to and from their destinations. School resumes normally on November 27.