Professional Development


DeSoto ISD is committed to the professional development of all employees for the purpose of improving student achievement through a collaborative district-wide effort. This includes administrators, principals, teachers, campus and district support staff.  We believe that professional development is a comprehensive, sustained, and intensive approach to improving all stakeholders’ effectiveness in increasing student achievement. Our professional learning opportunities are relevant, engaging, and ongoing.

Professional Learning Plans are guided by: 

  • The needs of DeSoto ISD students
  • The professional needs of teachers and staff
  • The needs of the campus and district
  • District goals, Corrective Action Plan, and the district constraints  
  • The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS)
  • Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System (T-PESS)

Professional Learning in DeSoto ISD  is:

  • Job-Aligned
  • Relevant
  • Prioritized
  • Engaging
  • On-going
  • Professionally developed and delivered
  • Aligned to the goals of the district, campuses, and staff 

Focused Districtwide Professional Development Days

In addition, to summer learning, ongoing professional learning communities, and other professional learning opportunities,  DeISD offers several focused districtwide professional development days throughout the school year.  These days are strategically planned to provide all staff with job-alike training that is needed to educate, serve, and support our students and staff through the delivery of high-quality instruction.
Districtwide Staff Development Dates for 2023-2024 are:  

  • August 7 - 11
  • September 1
  • October 6
  • November 3
  • December 1
  • January 4-5 
  • February 2

New Teacher Programming

New teachers with 0 to 2 years of teaching experience can participate in The New Teacher Academy for two years. The first year is mandatory.  The New Teacher Academy is specifically designed with sessions to ensure that new teachers are equipped, supported, and empowered to excel as an educator.

In addition, new teachers are assigned mentors who work closely with them to set goals, practice implementing effective structures and strategies, and learn the culture of the campus and district.   All mentors have a minimum of three years of teaching experience and a proven track record of success in improving student outcomes. 

Ongoing Professional Learning 

Personalized and differentiated training is offered throughout the year by multiple departments. Events are scheduled and advertised through Eduphoria and district communication platforms.

Attendance/Credit for In-District Professional Sessions:

To ensure appropriate credit is awarded:

  • Register through Eduphoria.
  • A legible name and signature MUST be on the official district sign-in sheet.
  • A colleague may not sign in for another participant.
  • Drop sessions by 4:00 PM on the work day PRIOR to the session if you will not be attending. 
  • Participants may be requested to sign in after lunch or sign out at the end of the day by the facilitator.
  • Late arrival or early departure from the session will result in a loss of credit for the session.

 **Partial credit will NOT be granted.

Absences are:

  • Defined as registering for a session, failing to attend the full session and/or failing to drop from the roster by the deadline.
  • Failure to physically sign in.
  • Late arrival or early departure  

Conferences/Out-of-District Sessions: 

  •  Any session taken out-of-district must be pre-approved by the appropriate central office administrator or campus principal. 
  • Time spent in exhibits, meetings, lunch, social events, or breaks at conferences will not be added as professional development. 

To Receive Professional Development Credit for an Out-of-District Session:

  • Use the steps defined in the tutorial to upload your certificate or course evidence to Eduphoria.

Tarsha Lunkin Professional Development Manager

[email protected]

972-223-6666 ext. 8339