KJTMA Students Learn With Veritex Bank

DeSoto ISD Katherine Johson Technology Magnet Academy Second Graders Learn About Currency With Veritex Bank
Posted on 02/23/2024
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What can you buy for $15.00? Well, DeSoto ISD second-grade students at Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy had to answer this question as they learned the value of their currency dollars during a math literacy awareness event led by representatives from Veritex Community Bank.

Melissa Bradford, the Vice President and Community Development Officer at Veritex Community Bank, and her team led a discussion with scholars about identifying currency dollars used in the economy and how they are used to purchase goods.

After learning about the different presidents featured on the dollar bills, the representatives engaged the students in a lesson on the importance of saving money, creating savings goals, and distinguishing between financial wants and actual needs. To put their learning into practice, the banking representatives gave students $15.00 to make purchases, helping them learn how to count money and manage their funds.

This experiential learning opportunity complimented the classroom learning goals and is one of several DeSoto ISD Triple-A and the Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy signature experiences aimed to help students make real-world connections via direct interactions with industry professionals.

Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy Principal Dr. Michelle Neely reflected on the outcomes of this real-world exposure opportunity for her young scholars.

“This student experience was a perfect opportunity to reinforce the instruction that the students received about money in the second six weeks of the school year. It served as a precursor that will also set students up for success on their learning objective in the sixth six weeks when they focus on Financial Literacy,” shared Dr. Neely.

Veritex Community Bank is a Dallas-based banking institution founded in 2010 that prides itself on being the truth in Texas banking, dedicated to transparency and uncompromising integrity. After a decade of service to the community, Veritex is one of the ten largest banks headquartered in Texas.

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