Dr. Usamah Rodgers, DeSoto ISD Superintendent


The school community packed the district board room for hours to learn about the trustees' decision regarding the official hiring of the district’s new superintendent.

Dr. Usamah Rodgers was previously selected as the Lone Finalist in April 2022 for the role of superintendent.

On May 16, amid a standing-room-only crowd of anticipatory people from the school and DFW community, Board President DeAndrea Fleming announced the results of the vote as passing 7-0.


Pausing to scan the room as it erupted with a myriad of cheers and sustained rounds of applause in support of the official hiring of Dr. Rodgers, Board President Fleming shared her sentiments.


“What a journey for DeSoto ISD! Today is the day that we can move forward from the past. Too many times we hold on to the things of the past as if they are still happening in the future, and today we have just made history in moving forward,” she began. “I think that we have found the best leader that we can possibly find for DeSoto ISD.”

To the incoming Superintendent Dr. Usamah Rodgers, Board President Fleming extended her gratitude and the commitment of the trustees.


“Know that you have the support of this board to make things happen for children. They have been waiting, wanting, and have been watching and it is time to get to work,” said Board President Fleming. “We, welcome Dr. Rogers to the cities of DeSoto and Glenn Heights as we serve students who attend school in DeSoto ISD.”


Taking in this announcement as she sat with her family, Dr. Rodgers came to the podium to address the board and community.


“Thank you for this opportunity to serve. I am delighted and excited to begin this journey. I do not take this responsibility lightly. I often say that this is heart work because you have to do it with your full heart and passion for the children that we serve. Ultimately, it is about them and their future and the difference that we will make for them collectively. I am excited to roll up my sleeves and work with everyone including parents and children,” began Superintendent Rodgers.


During her remarks, Dr. Rodgers spoke about the rigorous hiring process, but more importantly about the heart of the board and the community to restore hope and possibility in the school system.


“We are standing on principles or precipice of possibility we will work together collectively in service and support of our students. Victory is in the classroom. Each day we are going to provide excellent opportunities for our students,” said Superintendent Dr. Rodgers. “We have to get it right for our students and my commitment is to serve our students. I am humbled, honored, and elated to serve my community.”


DeSoto ISD Superintendent Dr. Rodgers comes to the district as a noted, experienced and long-serving educator and leader.