KJ-McCarthy Construction Inclusion Week

KJ-McCarthy Construction Inclusion Week
Posted on 10/20/2023
/UserFiles/Servers/Server_165690/Image/Departments/Communications/Newsroom Thumbnails/McCarthy Thumbnail.jpgMore than 60 fourth-grade students at DeSoto Independent School District’s Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy gained perspective regarding how math relates to the real world during a recent visit with industry professionals from McCarthy Construction in observance of the company’s Construction Inclusion Week Community Engagement Day.

“Math and Measurement in Construction,” was the primary focus of the visit during which students were able to learn from civil engineers and construction professionals as they shared the importance of understanding, applying, and calculating math appropriately to properly build a structure.

After introductions, the McCarthy team briefed DeSoto ISD students on worksite safety, the required use of personal protective equipment, and the proper use of tools while on the job. 

Then, using a piece of 2x4 wood and a written number line, students participated in an interactive lesson on fractions and even learned how to convert them. The discussion grew more complex as students also learned about measurement in construction through the use of tape measures.

The excitement of the lesson took flight as eager students alongside their McCarthy representative moved the measurement lesson to the next level using tape measures on virtually everything in sight including the classroom whiteboard, a cabinet, and each other.

Soon the students were placed in table groups to simulate the role of a builder and incorporate their learning about fractions and the use of the tape measure. Each student measured and penciled in their “required” measurement marks in the proper space on the 2x4 wood in preparation for a building project.

McCarthy professional Courtney Kelly helped to coordinate this learning adventure and was truly excited about the engagement of the students.

“We are partnering with Katherine Johnson because, for McCarthy, a community builder, it is a way to enrich the lives of these students, “ said Kelly. “We come to schools and tell students about our careers in hopes that one day when they grow up, they will want to go into the field, and if not they will have an appreciation for the profession.”

“McCarthy is helping students to learn about measurement and fractions, which is what they are learning right now in class,”  said DeSoto ISD Principal Dr. Michelle Neely. “The goal of their visit is twofold - to let students know that there are so many types of careers in construction and that they are STEAM careers and to help them connect what they are learning right now to their future. Math is everything in construction.”

National Construction Inclusion Week and the McCarthy Construction Community Engagement visit align with the district’s vision which centers around inspiring curiosity and courage in students and the district’s mission of ensuring that students, without exception, achieve to their highest levels.

This is the second year that DeSoto ISD’s Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy enjoyed an interactive visit from McCarthy Construction. Last year, the construction professionals came to help students learn about listening, teamwork, and unity as they discussed the tools and projects that comprise the world of construction using a Lego activity to simulate the importance of these concepts on a job site.

Construction Inclusion Week's objective is to build awareness of the need to improve diversity and inclusion in the construction industry by providing content and resources. The week also embraces a curriculum that affords students the opportunity to meet with industry professionals, understand the various roles of the construction team, and how teamwork and communication apply to field operations while gaining early exposure to career-based industries like engineering and construction with the goal of assisting with the diversifying the field of future professionals.

Apply for and learn more about these signature learning experiences at the upcoming DeSoto ISD Choice Showcase slated to take place, from 9 am to noon on Saturday, Nov 4, 2023 at DeSoto High School located at 600 Eagle Drive in DeSoto or by visiting www.desotoisd.org.