Board Administrative CAP Plans Update

Progress Monitoring Update: January 2021

As DeSoto ISD Trustees and Administration work together to improve the educational experience for our students. The Board recently adopted a five-year goal plan that is tightly aligned to student achievement. The Administration has created progress measures to show how the district is working to achieve these goals.


Each month, the Board and Administration will share specific goals in accordance with the approved Board Monitoring calendar.


Board Goals Update:

During the January 2021 school board meeting, Accountability and the Texas Academic Performance Report were the focus of progress updates presented by the Administration during the public hearing that preceded the meeting.


The TAPR provides insight on the district’s student assessment data providing a breakdown of each campus’ performance in the following areas: PEIMS (2018-19), district accreditation status (2019-20), campus performance objectives, reports on specific campus incidents, and student performance in postsecondary institutions.


Notable Progress Updates:

Due to the pandemic, there were no designations or distinctions provided for the campuses this year by the Texas Education Agency. All Texas public schools are noted as Not Rated: Declared a Disaster for the 2020 school year.


The District’s 2019-20 Accreditation Status is: Accredited


Click to view the TAPR and other Accountability Reports


Board and Administration Corrective Action Plans

As mandated by the Texas Education Agency following the published findings of the district’s TEA investigation, the DeSoto ISD School Board and District Administration developed Corrective Action Plans (CAP) to outline the actions, constraints, improvements, and future actions in relation to the work of the district as governing bodies.


Each month, the Board and Administration presented a progress report to the community to share updates on each area of the plans during the monthly school board meeting. The board’s plan objectives center around the setting, focusing and communicating, and implementing the vision of the district. The District Administration’s plan centers around four main areas, academics, finance, and human resources, and governance.


For the month of January 2021, the Board reported five progress measures completed and all other items on track to be completed before the original deadline.  The Administration reported 14 completed progress measures, seven that are on track to be completed, and two that were slightly off track due to scheduling and data gathering.


Click to view the monthly progress of the Corrective Action Plans 


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