Frequently Asked Questions

• STAAR Testing (1 Questions)

1. What STAAR tests will my child take?

3rd Grade--Reading, and Math

4th Grade--Reading, Math, and Writing

5th Grade--Reading, Math, and Science

6th Grade--Reading, and Math

7th Grade--Reading, Math, and Writing

8th Grade--Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies

End of course Exams:

English I

Algebra I


US History

English II

• Student Logins (3 Questions)

1. My child uses various websites at school. Can they be used at home?

This depends on the program. The following programs are available for students to use at home:



Think Through Math

Accelerated Reader and STAR Reading are not available for at-home use. 

Students use many different web-based programs, many of which can be used at home. Examples include:

Khan Academy, Edmodo, Starfall.

2. What is my child's login for the various programs they use at school?

Think Through Math, Istation, My Access, and Achieve 3000 use this format:

Username: Initials followed by Student ID

Password: Student ID

Penda uses this format:

Username: Student ID

Password: Student ID

3. What programs do you recommend for students that need some extra help?

We recommend:

All subjects:

Khan Academy  is a free website that has numerous instructional videos.


Think Through Math--Grades 3-8

Penda--Grades 4-9


Penda--Grades 4-9