Progress of Corrective Action Plans

Trustees and Administration Share Progress of Corrective Action Plans
Posted on 01/25/2021
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As mandated by the Texas Education Agency following the published findings of the district’s TEA investigation, the DeSoto ISD School Board and District Administration developed Corrective Action Plans (CAP) to outline the actions, constraints, improvements, and future actions in relation to the work of the district as governing bodies. 


Each month, the Board and Administration present a progress report to the community to share updates on each area of the plans during the monthly school board meeting. The board’s plan objectives center around the setting, focusing and communicating, and implementing the vision of the district. The District Administration’s plan centers around four main areas, academics, finance, and human resources, and governance.


For the month of January 2021, DeSoto ISD Board President Amanda Sargent shared the progress of the Board.


“The board has been working really hard alongside the Administration. For the month of December, we are on track in terms of setting the vision for the district. We have adopted the Covid-19 adjusted board goals and completed the new monitoring calendar,” Sargent said. “ We are on track with focusing on the vision making sure the over 50% of our meeting is on monitoring students outcomes.”


Sargent thanked the community for participating in the recent community training sessions and noted that this supported the completion of the CAP objective, Communicating the Vision. The fourth objective Implementing the Vision is on track to be completed by February. 


After hearing the progress of the board to meet their CAP plan measures for the month of January, TEA conservator A. J. Crabill shared his sentiments.


“This board as a whole is moving forward much more quickly and effectively than anyone probably anticipated. I am really proud of this board. It is a pleasure to watch a board be so focused and fast.” said Conservator Crabill. 


Superintendent of Schools, Dr. D’Andre Weaver shared the CAP progress report for the Administration.


“We have 14 progress measures that have been completed, seven that are on track and two that are slightly off track at the time of this report,” said Superintendent Dr. Weaver. 


Specially, Dr. Weaver noted that the Multi-tiered Systems of Support intervention measure was slightly off track due to training and a finance item due to the intense time to research and gathering the required information.


While there are a few of them to still be completed by the Administration prior to April, Conservator Crabill was appreciative of the milestones the district had to overcome to make positive progress in four months.


“I appreciate you moving through this with haste, how much ground you have picked up and gotten items back on track quickly to have items completed in advance of the expected date.”


According to conservator Crabill, both the board and administration are on schedule to complete their plans a month ahead of schedule. The team will soon begin the development of the action plans for the next six months.


“I came into this role curious as to whether or not that you would get the basic block and tackle of our roles under control,” Crabill said as he commended the board and administration. “You all have really knocked it out of the park and the data speaks for itself.”


For the month of January, Board President Amanda Sargent shared the completion of the following progress measures respective to its objectives:


Set the Vision

  • Adoption of the board goals
  • Creation of the monitoring calendar


Focus on the Vision

  • Board agenda evaluation


Communicating the Vision

  • Sharing student progress with the community
  • Adoption of a clarifying constraint for superintendent communication.


Implementing the vision

  • All items on track


The Administration also shared reported the following progress on its CAP plan. 



  •  Most items on track



Objective 1:

  • Bank reconciliation for FY20 and current FY21
  • Accrual of all year-end state revenue
  • Recording of delinquent tax receivables and 60-day tax collections at year-end
  • Receipt and payment of  all FY20 invoices
  • Proper recording of TRS On Behalf year-end entry
  • Final Year-end journal entries and processes for FY20 federal grants
  • Overstated funds and incomplete-year-end entries 


Objective 2:

  •  All progress measures are completed regarding budget


Human Resources

  • Position control and staffing allocation



  • All progress measures are completed

Click to the view the Corrective Action Plan Webpage. 

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