The Technology Department provides service and support to schools in the acquisition and use of technology throughout the District. We enable students and teachers to access technology and information resources. We work closely with the Curriculum Department to ensure technology is integrated into the classroom environment to enhance student learning.

Our primary work is categorized into three areas of service:

  • Network Services : Maintains the District's wide area network (WAN) and a local area network (LAN) on campus and administrative sites. Responsible for the installation of all file and application servers, backups, and virus management.
  • Application Services : Maintains student information systems, business applications, and other web-based functionality.
  • Helpdesk Services : Support the computing needs with desktop, multi-media services, and equipment repair.

The department is committed to the highest quality of customer service, while maintaining a sense of respect for all.

District Email

Technology Staff

Josephfer Williams
Executive Director of Technology 
(972) 223-3873 x8810

Brent Awalt
Systems Analyst
(972) 223-3873 x8808
Brian Beall
Network Analyst
(972) 223-3873 x8804
Steve Carter
Computer Technician
(972) 223-3873 x8807
Sheila Hardmon 
Administrative Assistant 
(972) 223-3873 x8800
Kendall Harris
Computer Technician
(972) 223-3873 x8806
Daniel Johnson
Computer Technician
(972) 223-3873 x8811
Everette Ligon 
Media Technology Specialist 
(972) 223-3873 x8809
Karen Ross
Instructional Technology Manager
(972) 223-6666 x8260
Jarrod Woodson
Computer Technician
(972) 223-3873