DeSoto ISD Hall of Honor

DeSoto ISD developed the DeSoto ISD Hall of Honor in 2012 to recognize alumni and those who have provided meritorious service to the district. The criteria listed below will be used to measure candidates for the Hall for both categories - DHS Alumni Hall of Fame and DeSoto ISD Distinguished Service Award.

Videos of Ceremony and Inductees

2018 Online Nomination Form  - Nominations will be accepted Jan. 17 - March 30, 2017

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DHS Alumni Hall of Fame - DeSoto High School has graduated thousands of people with rewarding careers, individuals who touch the lives of others - from artists, elected officials and CEOs, to doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Celebrate their contributions through nomination to the DHS Alumni Hall of Fame. Criteria for consideration:

  1. Is a DeSoto High School graduate who has been out of high school at least ten (10) years.
  2. Has special achievements in the nominee’s area of specialization.
  3. Has received honors, awards, etc. on a local, regional, national and/or international level.
  4. Can demonstrate community service.
  5. Has made meritorious contributions to society in general, or to a specific segment of society.

DeSoto ISD Distinguished Service Award - Thousands of educators, parents, community supporters, business people and elected officials have made significant contributions to the development and improvement of DeSoto ISD. These individuals will be celebrated through the DeSoto ISD Distinguished Service Award. Criteria for consideration:  

  1. If a district employee, must have worked at least ten (10) years in DeSoto ISD.
  2. Contributed substantial and significant support to DeSoto ISD specifically and education in general.
  3. Developed relationships with district and community members to foster a learning community.

The awards will be presented at the DeSoto ISD Hall of Honor Awards event. The number of recipients each year will be determined by the Hall of Honor Selection Committee. The Committee will then make its recommendation to the Superintendent, who will make the final selection of inductees for each year. Due to the nature of the award, the nominee does not need to be alive to receive the award. Please complete the nominating form as the nominator. Then complete the section regarding the nominee and their contributions to the district and society. Thank you!



2012 - Ellis Hobbs, III
2012 - Sgt. Jason Brown (posthumously)

2012 - Laura Dooley
2012 - Dr. Janice Pettis Ingram
2012 - Judy Moss
2013 - Mark Brady
2013 - James P. Monkres, Jr.
2013 - Shirley Cooper
2013 - Frank Moates
2014 - David Plott
2014 - Casey Printers
2014 - Pamela DeBorde
2014 - Kathy Goad
2015 - Rachel Proctor
2015 - Mike Humphreys

2015 - Kathryn 'Kitty' Hickerson
2015 - Bill Hickey  (posthumously)
2015 - Melvlyn 'Sissy' Lowe
2015 - Dr. Peggy Trammell

2016 - Jelani Ingram
2016 - Warren Seay Jr. 
2016 - Rachel Thomas
2016 - Christopher Vinson (posthumously)
2016 - Karen Daniel
2016 - Chris Dyer
2016 - Beth Wright
2017 -  Chief Fred Hart, Jr.
2017 -  Rick Jaffa
2017 - June Villers
2017 - Byron Hanspard, Sr.
2017 - Ro Parish
2017 - Lynne Kornegay
2017 - Mika Malone
2017 - Kanina Johnson
2017 - Aubrey C. Hooper
2017 - Sharon Sternes (posthumously) 


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