New Hires

Welcome to the DeSoto ISD Family!

Please register in the Employee Service Center in order to complete your hiring process:

1) Register using this Employee Service Center link.
At the log-in page, click on the blue "register" below the sign-in information.
Answer the questions to create a temporary log-in.

2) Accept your employment contract/letter of reasonable assurance:
Click on "My Employment Records" on the navigation bar and then "My Contract".
For security purposes, you will enter the last four of your SSN and your birth date.
Agree to Electronic Signature.
Open your contract by clicking on the blue hyperlink.
After reading your contract, close the contract window and the "accept" button will be presented.  
Type your name exactly as it is presented in order to complete the electronic signature on your contract.

3) Acknowledge your salary information:
Click on "My Pay Information" on the navigation bar.
Click on the Assignment year line and agree to the pop-up notice.  Your salary will be listed. 
Answer the acknowledgment at the bottom of the page.

4) Set up your W-4 withholding information:
Click on "My Payroll Information" on the navigation bar.
Choose "My Tax Withholding (W-4).
Enter all required information as indicated by a red asterisk(*).

5) Set up your Direct Deposit information:
Click on "My Payroll Information" on the navigation bar.
Choose "My Direct Deposit".
Enter all required information as indicated by a red asterisk(*).

6) Accept your remaining Employment Documents:
Click on "My Documents" on the navigation bar.
Choose "My Employment Documents".
Documents will be listed with a status of created.
Click on each document to open and view.
Once viewed, the accept and reject options will be presented.

7) We will take care of requesting your district email account.  Instructions for setup will be sent to your personal email.

I-9 Form Acceptable Documents  - The I-9 Form will be completed in the Human Resources Office.  Click on the link for a list of acceptable documents to be presented in order for employment eligibility to be verified.  These documents must be originals.

In addition to the new hire forms, the following items are mandatory items to be provided to the Human Resources Office:

All Official College/University Transcripts: Teachers and other professionals must have a degree conferred. Photocopies are not accepted. If you cannot bring transcripts to the new hire meeting, you are given thirty days from the first day of employment to provide original transcripts from the college/university to our Human Resources Department. These are needed to complete the personnel file with DeSoto ISD.

Service Records: Please request your last Texas public school employer to send us or send you your original service record. If your last employment was in an out-of-state school, or an accredited private school, we will provide forms for you at your new hire meeting to send to those schools. Original service records are required for a complete personnel file with DeSoto ISD. Photocopies or faxed service records are not acceptable. You have thirty days from your first day of employment to provide us with your service record. Once the original service record is received, your salary will be adjusted accordingly.

Texas Teaching Certificates: Texas teaching certificates and paraprofessional certificates will be downloaded from the Texas State Board of Education Certification website for your personnel file. Please make sure your certificate is current.

Identification/Social Security Card:   Bring identification for us to view to verify your social security number. Our records must match the name on your social security card. Please bring the original social security card for us to view. Copies of both are not acceptable. We will make copies of each for your personnel file.

High School Diploma: Paraprofessionals must provide Human Resources with a copy of their high school diploma or GED for their complete personnel file with DeSoto ISD.

Your Best Smile:   A picture will be made for your DeSoto ISD identification/access badge.