DeSoto ISD Innovates Math Instruction with AI

DeSoto ISD’s Instructional AI Efforts Featured in “Getting Smart” Article
Posted on 06/25/2024
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What would it look like to fully integrate AI into a learning environment? In the last few months, we’ve seen a surge of announcements about the vast potential of AI in applications. With Microsoft’s Co-Pilot and Apple’s Apple Intelligence, some integrations are taking a system-wide approach, crafting entire AI operating systems and hardware. 

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Some districts are already experimenting with integrated rollouts. Desoto Independent School District is pioneering the implementation of a district-wide AI OS, demonstrating its commitment to elevating academic performance and ensuring technological advancements are accessible and engaging for all students.
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“The district’s leadership team is committed to adopting game-changing AI technology from Knomadix to accelerate learning and bridge academic gaps,” said Dr. Usamah Rodgers, DeSoto ISD’s superintendent. “This approach enhances educational delivery while equipping students with the skills necessary for future success in an increasingly technology-driven world.”

This initiative is fueled by a collaboration between Knomadix and Big Thought Institute. Knomadix brings expertise in digital learning environments, while Big Thought Institute contributes its experience in cultivating a positive culture and climate to strengthen instructional practices. Currently, Knomadix has integrated AI-driven educational resources sourced from Texas HQIM (High-Quality Instructional Materials) and other publishers, such as Eureka Math, Carnegie Learning Math, and Stemscopes Math.
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“Technology is changing rapidly, and learning environments need to meet the moment by integrating positive climate and a youth-centered culture with responsible technology adoption that meets young people where they are and pushes them to grow in constructive ways,” said Greg MacPherson, Chief Big Thought Institute Officer. “DeSoto ISD’s visionary thinking about technology makes them the ideal partner to help meet the moment alongside.”

Knomadix has been building its AI OS for the past 10 years. When the pandemic hit, “it spotlit the holes in digital learning,” said Ramesh Balan, CEO of Knomadix. “Coupled with Generative AI, this situation accelerated our vision by at least 5 years.”

Knomadix positions itself as a foundational and navigational tool in this new digital terrain, guiding educational leaders and publishers through AI implementation. By offering an AI-driven learning experience design and delivery platform, Knomadix ensures schools are thriving through change. This method provides proactive support and enhances the learning experience without interrupting the flow of education.

AI-supported instructional models act as personalized teaching tools, delivering core content, modifying tasks, and providing real-time feedback based on each student’s performance level. This ability to adapt to each learner’s needs offers several key advantages:

  • Real-Time Adaptation: AI systems understand where a student is on a proficiency map in real-time and can offer scaffolds to help students meet learning outcomes.
  • Personalization and Agency: These systems enable personalized learning experiences, giving students greater control over their learning paths.
  • Targeted Support: AI delivers customized learning recommendations and support based on how students perform on activities and respond to questions.

This system offers a dynamic toolkit that creates guided 1:1 AI-powered tutoring for each lesson, adapting to individual learning speeds and preferences, and facilitating a more personalized educational experience.

One significant advantage of Knomadix is its content-agnostic framework, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into any subject area or educational sector. This flexibility is invaluable for educators and curriculum developers, providing tools to create tailored educational experiences for varied learning styles. The platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop authoring tools empower educators to design and deploy multi-modal AI-driven lessons easily.


Initial feedback from district instructional staff, campus leaders, teachers, and students has been overwhelmingly positive, with many highlighting the enhanced engagement and improved understanding of complex concepts. Immediate feedback and tailored learning paths have significantly contributed to a more effective teaching and learning environment.

The students have shared some of the following: 

  • “Knomadix AI shows me each step and lets me know exactly where I made the mistake. Learning is easier because I get instant feedback.”
  • “I really enjoy the fun games and competitions in Knomadix lessons. It’s awesome that Knomadix gives me answers without me even having to ask questions. I like when it tells me how to do things correctly and helps me figure out problems.”
  • “Knomadix AI gives me challenging questions which makes me think a lot before I can answer. I also like how it knows when I’m stuck and shows me how to solve the tough problems.”

Chief Academic Officer Stephanie McCloud expressed enthusiasm about the potential of AI, stating, “Our leadership team and campus leaders are thrilled about the significant impact that AI and the Knomadix solution can have on our instructional growth and the delivery of personalized instruction by our teachers.”

Knomadix enhances the collaboration between teachers and AI through a hybrid model that leverages shared data insights. This collaboration allows educators to refine their teaching strategies and interventions based on real-time data, optimizing educational outcomes and ensuring that each student’s needs are met efficiently and effectively.

For school leaders, the message is clear: embracing Knomadix’s AI solutions can lead to more engaged learning environments and better educational outcomes. As we continue to navigate these changing times, Knomadix offers a promising path forward, ensuring every student has access to personalized, high-quality education.



Enrollment is currently open for scholars in grades kindergarten through 12 to soar higher with tech-based AI instructional resources in DeSoto ISD. Those interested may enroll at