Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is a Magnet School?
    A magnet school enhances DeSoto ISD course of study with innovative approaches to learning. Magnet schools have a curriculum that emphasizes a particular educational focus such as: engineering, science, technology or the arts. A magnet school opens doors of opportunity and sparks the imagination of students, preparing them to become responsible citizens in a global society.

  2. Who is eligible to apply for a DeSoto ISD magnet or innovative program?
    Any student who is part of the DeSoto ISD can apply for any of the Magnet or Innovative programs.  Programs are not limited by school boundaries within the district.  An elementary student can apply to any of the elementary magnets.  DeSoto is a selective enrollment district, so even students outside of the district boundaries can apply to participate in our programs.

  3. How does the magnet school application process work?
    The process begins by completing and submitting the application for magnet school you are seeking acceptance. The application is available on the main web page at 

  4. What is the application and selection timeline?
    Application period opens in December of each year and closes in January. Randomized lottery selection takes place in early February. Student applicants are notified in mid-February. Auditions for select programs will take place in late February and seats are finalized the second week of March.  See the website for specific dates.

  5. When do students find out if they are accepted into a program?
    Students are notified in March each year.

  6. Does a magnet school still teach my child all core courses like a traditional school would?
    Yes, each magnet school curriculum includes all traditional subject areas which adhere to the Texas Education Agency TEKS.

  7. Does a student's younger sibling have to apply to the magnet school for acceptance? Yes, an application does need to be completed for the younger sibling.

  8. Does my child have to have a certain academic level to be admitted to a magnet school?
    No, students are not tested to be admitted to a magnet school. Each magnet school works with students to provide the best educational experience and helps all students grow and excel.

  9. How can I decide which magnet program is better for my child?
    DeSoto ISD encourages parents to visit each school, meet the principal, and talk with the staff members to gain more information about unique magnet programs DeSoto has to offer. Parents can contact each school to schedule an appointment or come to parent information meetings.

  10. How much does it cost to attend a magnet school?
    There is no charge to attend a DeSoto ISD magnet school.

  11. Is transportation provided?
    Transportation will be offered on a case by case basis.