Continuous Disinfecting Update: Jan 20

DeSoto ISD continues to actively monitor the safety and upkeep of district facilities particularly following the onset of the current global health pandemic and in conjunction with flu season. The district and its contracted custodial services group, SSC, believe in proactive disinfection guided by hospital cleaning practices, including the use of disinfectants for all cleaning of high-touch surfaces, bathrooms, gym areas, classrooms, and other common areas.  

As a standard practice, DeSoto ISD only uses CDC-approved products proven to destroy bacteria and other viral elements. The custodial staff also use electrostatic sprayers to keep the surfaces sanitized longer. 

In addition, DeSoto ISD continues to actively track and assess instances of symptomatic displays related to the coronavirus, instances of exposure to the virus and confirmed cases of coronavirus with the intent to head off community spread among groups or campuses.

The district continues to actively monitor instances of coronavirus and will actively inform our school community of any developments or updates related to management of the pandemic in DeSoto ISD.

As a reminder, staff are asked to:

  • Facilitate meetings virtually

  • Wash hands often

  • Practice social distancing

  • Wear a mask

For questions or concerns, families should contact campus administrators and staff should contact their respective supervisor or Human Resources.