A Message From Board President Amanda Sargent


Photo Amanda Sargent

Since  February of 1990, my family has been a member of the DeSoto community. As the last and fifth child, I demanded a move to a bigger house and as a result a strong foundation. From kindergarten to graduation, I attended school in DeSoto ISD and experienced first-hand the commitment of staff and community toward my success. I AM DESOTO!

Not only did I recite this mantra every day in school but it truly became a part of me. I am so DeSoto that I was Homecoming Queen. In fact, I am so DeSoto that current Trustee Kathy Goad was my former P.A.L. teacher. I’m so DeSoto that Trustee Tiffany Clark and I were varsity cheerleaders together. I’m so DeSoto that Trustee Karen Daniel taught nine people in my family circle. I’m so DeSoto that I am a part of a growing network of DeSoto alums who now serve DeSoto ISD to embody the memories that make our community special. I’m so DeSoto that giving back and building up the DeSoto community is the expectation. With that, it is both my honor and privilege to serve as the new president of the DeSoto ISD School Board.

DeSoto is my home, my foundation, and my launchpad into adulthood. I can honestly say that I benefitted directly from the sweat equity of teachers and staff both past and present in a major way. Thank you! I offer my sincere appreciation to everyone who made my experience as a growing child worthwhile.

DeSoto ISD is a district of endless possibilities. DeSoto ISD will be an A-rated district. DeSoto ISD will deliver high-quality instruction and every child will grow and experience a world-class education. DeSoto ISD will be an organization that people will want to be a part of and partner with. My heart’s desire for DeSoto ISD is that my resolutions will be realized.

As Board Chair, I have three immediate areas of focus: finalize Board Goals, engage the community, and actively work with the conservator to improve Board Governance and Superintendent relations.

Goal setting is the first step in every change cycle. The Board has been working with Lone Star Governance to finalize the Board Goals and officially start the change cycle. By adopting these goals, we will set clear expectations for district administration and actively monitor our progress toward our expected end. While no one can deny the effects of Covid-19, we want to ensure that our resilient students are learning every day. We cannot allow a pandemic to stunt student growth and I believe that finalizing our goals will keep our efforts on track.

I intend to engage the community and create spaces for collaboration. As Board President, I want to host monthly town halls with the Superintendent to allow for feedback and discussion. By engaging the community outside of the boardroom, I feel that we can rebuild trust and unity. As with any relationship, we have to communicate and I believe that by the Board hosting these conversations, it will be a step in the right direction.

I will continue to work with TEA Conservator A.J. Crabill to improve our efforts as a Board and strengthen our relationship with our Superintendent of Schools Dr. D’Andre J. Weaver. We are rebuilding and I am thankful that we don’t have to go at it alone. There were a series of events that prompted Conservator Crabill’s presence, but I see it as an opportunity to reassess our methods, create innovative solutions, and affirm our core values as a community.

One thing that each board member, our superintendent, and conservator can agree on is our reason for being in our roles and that is to educate children. I honor every Board member because this is not an easy job. Every decision made truly has a lasting impact on our students' lives and their life chances. What we do matters and all our decisions have to be made with students in mind.

 At the beginning of every game as a DHS varsity cheerleader, I would call a cheer that said, “Hey who’s going to win this game? Eagles gonna win this game! Eagles-Eagles-Eagles!” I appreciate this cheer so much more so now because it set the goal for the game no matter our opponent. The words declared victory in our name and faith that we would win no matter how we got there.

DeSoto ISD, I offer you the same sentiment. We have no other choice but to win for our kids and we will do it working together towards the same goal.

Kind Regards,

Amanda Sargent,
DeSoto ISD School Board