February 22, 2019 Financial Update

Feb. 22 Financial Update

In our desire to be accountable, communicative and transparent, we are sharing the following message with the intent to inform our constituents regarding the state of the district’s finances.

Following a review of the district’s financial history and as a result of recent discoveries, the district has summarized developments regarding its financial portfolio.

Given the DeSoto ISD’s current financial standing, district leaders have developed a budget reduction plan to not only address this year’s budget deficit but to rebuild the fund balance for the subsequent school year.

The strategic plan includes…

District Adherence to State Staffing Guidelines
-DeSoto ISD will adjust its classroom ratios to align with state standards or slightly above at all levels. Current standards are well below the state recommended ratios.

A reduction to all central office departmental budgets
-DeSoto ISD will be required to operate more conservatively during this time of adjustment. The reduction to central office budgets allows the district to protect funding that supports academic instruction and programming.

Closing or restructuring some positions and district programs
-Under the recent academic audit of the DeSoto ISD, the district received recommendations regarding the district’s academic programs and offerings. The restructuring of some programs aligns with the audit’s recommendation which will include sunsetting some programs to reimagine them for the future under more sound and research-based implementation and curriculum design standards.

-Regarding restructuring positions, DeSoto ISD will evaluate non-instructional positions to evaluate where additional responsibilities can be assumed by existing personnel and reassign funding sources for certain positions.

Re-imagining a campus
-As DeSoto ISD embarks on strategic planning efforts in the coming months, this presents an opportunity to understand the academic and instructional needs and desires of the community to inform the future reimagining of a campus for scholars and families.

These actions yield more than $20 million in district funding that will address this year’s budget deficit and help to rebuild the 2019-2020 fund balance.

As a district, we are committed to working with our school community to ensure the financial health and well-being of the organization and will continue to provide regular updates with the goal of being accountable, proactively communicative and as a transparent as possible throughout the implementation of this plan. While concerning, this plan provides an opportunity for the DeSoto ISD and its community to reposition itself to build an all-around healthier school community based on a stronger financial footing.

More details regarding the above information will be made available at the Monday, February 25, 2019, Board Meeting. All DeSoto ISD Board Meetings are streamed live online at www.DeSotoISD.org,

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Adhering to Staffing Guidelines
Adhering to Staffing Guidelines