Elementary Magnet Programs


DeSoto ISD is committed to helping students and families find an academic pathway that aligns with your student’s interests, goals and needs. DeSoto ISD Elementary Magnet Programs offer students the opportunity for exposure, exploration and selection of various college and career pathways. Whether your budding scholar has an interest in the arts, business and entrepreneurship, or tech, DeSoto ISD has a program designed to help your young scholar take steps towards making his or her dreams a reality.

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Cockrell Hill Elementary Linguistics Magnet Academy

When a child is immersed in a high-quality bilingual education or surrounded by a foreign language, the acquisition becomes a whole-brain engagement. Being bilingual improves cognitive and sensory processing, leading to a clearer signal for learning. Studying various languages can also improve overall school performance, higher problem-solving skills, and increased scores on standardized tests. Dual language educational programs may also help kids adapt rules to accommodate new information. The process of tuning in and inhibiting language in environmental situations trains the brain. It’s a skill that allows bilingual people to access newly-learned vocabulary while inhibiting other words from a competing vocabulary. In the Cockrell Hill Linguistics Magnet Academy, students acquire an understanding of the world's people, places, and problems, creating a cultural and global awareness for students.

Cockrell Hill Elementary is also in candidacy to become an International Baccalaureate campus offering an elementary-focused highly-rigorous and competitive, globally-focused curriculum.

Learn more about the Cockrell Hill Elementary Linguistics Magnet Academy here


Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy

The Katherine Johnson Elementary Technology Magnet Academy, named for a pioneering African American female mathematician who broke down barriers through her groundbreaking work and contributions to STEM at NASA in the 1960’s. Like Johnson, the Technology Magnet Academy aims to provide innovative, technology-focused curriculum for tomorrow’s inventors, developers and creators. Intentionally-designed and digitally-focused learning experiences prepare students for the yet defined careers of tomorrow providing the tools and foundation to problem-solve through technology, creativity and innovation.

Learn more about the Katherine Johnson Elementary Technology Magnet Academy here


Frank D. Moates Elementary Blended Learning Magnet Academy 

Frank D. Moates Elementary Blended Learning Magnet Academy serves students in grades two through five. In the blended learning setting, students learn through a curriculum designed to incorporate different modes and manipulatives to support different types of learning experiences. Whether students are engaged in a station-rotation model in math and reading classes or a small learning group supported with online instruction, or engaged in project-based learning (PBL) activities, the blended learning model aims to personalize the student learning experience and provide differentiated learning opportunities as based on student mastery. Teachers utilize a learning management system (LMS) to deliver student-centered instruction daily in the classroom which is also accessible at home for deeper levels of study and exploration.

Learn more about the Frank D. Moates Elementary Blended Learning Magnet Academy here.


Ruby Young Elementary Medical & Environmental Sciences Magnet Academy

The Ruby Young Elementary Medical & Environmental Sciences Magnet Academy gives students the opportunity to study different forms of clean energy (solar, wind, hydro), conservation, recycling and other concepts related to environmental sciences. With resources such as the campus’ aquaponics farm and the student-run garden which students plant, prune, and harvest crops yielding a variety of produce, students have hands-on engagement opportunities to learn the natural environment of the world around them and how to preserve and protect its rich natural resources.

The Ruby Young Medical Magnet introduces students to themes and studies in health, wellness and modern medicine as supported by local community health partners such as Charlton Methodist Hospital. In the medical magnet program, budding doctors and medical practitioners matriculate to pursue practicums and more in-depth avenues of study available in DeSoto ISD.

Learn more about the Ruby Young Elementary Medical and Environmental Sciences Magnet Academy here


The Meadows Elementary STEAM Magnet Academy

The Meadows Elementary offers STEAM-based educational experiences affording students the opportunity to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Students participate in hands-on learning activities through project-based learning. Scholars engage in Montessori and personalized learning structured environments which are student-led, student-centered and student-paced as facilitated by highly-qualified educators.

Learn more about The Meadows Elementary Fine Arts Magnet Academy here


Woodridge Fine Arts Magnet Academy

The Woodridge Elementary Fine Arts Magnet Academy gives students a chance to experience an array of artistic programs. Exposure to the study of the arts can significantly boost student achievement, behavior and prepare students for college and careers. Students have the opportunity to pursue specialized studies in visual arts, theatre arts, orchestra, piano, strings, dance, and choir with opportunities for summer training intensives.

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