TEA appoints conservator

Texas Education Agency Appoints Conservator

On September 2, 2020, the DeSoto ISD Board of Trustees received a follow up letter regarding the Texas Education Agency’s final report regarding its investigation into the district. In that letter, the TEA informed the Board of its decision to appoint a conservator.

The duty of a conservator is to assist in the  reorganization of staff and resources; reduction of budget and spending;  and guidance of district preparations to rebuild a fund balance. Additionally, the conservator provides guidance and support to an administrative body and the Board of Trustees in pursuit of these efforts. 

TEA appointed the agency’s former Deputy Commissioner for Governance AJ Crabill as the district’s conservator.

In his role, Crabill will:

  • work with the district to identify the issues that led to the non-compliance and report to the agency on the development of a corrective action plan to address identified issues;

  • direct the Board of Trustees regarding personnel actions for district employees as necessary to ensure effective leadership;

  • and ensure that the district’s Board of Trustees conducts a hearing to notify the public of the district’s insufficient performance, the improvements in performance expected by the agency, and the interventions and sanctions that may be imposed if the district’s performance does not improve.

This appointment is made by the authority of Tex. Educ. Codes §39A.002(2), 39A.002(7), 39A.003, 39A.003(a), 39.057 and 19 Tex. Admin. Code §97.1057, 17.1059 and 97.1073(e).      

In its letter to the district, the TEA noted that it reserves the right to implement all available interventions and sanctions to address the current and any future deficiencies identified for the district.

The cost of the conservator will be paid by the district.

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