Priorities 2

  1. Build & sustain a rigorous, intellectually coherent, culturally-relevant, multicultural, and social-justice-oriented PK - 12+ curriculum and student learning experience.

  2. Commit to anti-biased and culturally responsive instructional pedagogy for teachers.

  3. Implement competency-based learning across our system.*

  4. Prioritize student engagement through signature experiences and real-world, complex, performance and project-based tasks.*

  5. Strengthen college preparatory planning and advising district-wide and expand access and success in rigorous college preparatory experiences, courses and/or programs for all students.*

  6. Cultivate livable wage career pathways by ensuring workforce aligned programming, including a real-world internship or apprenticeship, for every student.*

  7. Ensure computer science and/or entrepreneurship opportunities for every student in DeSoto ISD.

  8. Infuse redesigned STEM education across all grade levels & content areas.