Students take top two spots at MLK Competition

EMS Students take top two spots at MLK Oratory Competition
Posted on 01/23/2019
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On Saturday, January 19, 2019, the Ellis County African American Hall of Fame of Waxahachie, Texas presented the Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr. Unity Essay Contest,  "I Have a Vision," award. 

DeSoto East Middle School seventh grade student Kyla Lewis won the first place award and DeSoto East Middle School sixth grade student Mikayla Mutcherson was awarded second place.  The event included competitors from schools in South Dallas County and Ellis County. 

The essay and oratorical contest required students to write and perform an original essay of at least 250 words as based on Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a Dream” speech. The speeches were to provide response to each student’s vision of what it would take to change the world and make it a better place.

The Ellis County African American Hall of Fame features yearly events to educate the community about the life and times of African Americans. 

Read each student’s speech here:

I have a vision

Kyla Lewis, 7th grade | DeSoto East Middle School


I have a vision to help the thousands of families living in poverty and deprivation. We could provide them with jobs, clothing, shelter, transportation, and food. Pay them for sick days, create job equity and access, equal pay for men and women of all races in the workplace, and raise minimum wage so they can provide for their families and put a roof over their heads giving them a second chance.

I have a vision to stop drug abuse. Too many people are dying from drug and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, more than 12,000 thousand people die from drug and alcohol abuse each year, but we can all change that, not just me, but you, too. We can offer the rehabilitation and pay for the treatment ourselves or help them get the care that they need for free, and be a helping hand because nobody deserves to struggle or fight alone. We can all work together to remove drugs from neighborhoods.

I have a vision to educate the children that are not able to go to schools because of numerous reasons such as having to work to take care siblings, poverty or chronic illness. We must help by giving them clothes, providing them with backpacks, and supplies, making school accessible by giving them transportation, and encouraging them. With free education and medical care, we can remove barriers to education.

I have a vision to stop the bullying and hate in schools. Bullying has effects on children that are irreversible. No kids deserve to be bullied by any kid or teacher. Bullying can cause anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Most importantly, bullying can drive kids to suicide. Every single child should be able to go to school without being hated and worried about being hurt by other kids because all kids go to school to be educated not bullied. We all have feelings. Treat others how you want to be treated.

I have a vision to prevent terrorism. I may not be able to stop it but it can be prevented. It will not be easy. We must prevent war and terrorist attacks by increasing our military and keeping an eye on unusual activity or behavior. We must make wise decisions when we consider whether to go to war and enforce better security around the world. We must make sure that the airports are safe and secure, that there won’t be any attacks on planes so that pilots and flight attendants like my mommy can come home every week safely.

I have a vision to stop animal abuse. We must stop being cruel to animals no matter what type of animal they are. They matter. Stop beating cats. Stop the dog fights. We must ensure that puppy mills are not being used and that they are all closed down. If there’s something wrong with an animal, please call an animal emergency travel veterinarian.

I have a vision to stop crime. Crimes and criminals must be stopped. Emergency services must be faster when taking action to address a 911 call. We need faster response time from fire and rescue departments. We must put more cameras in cities and always make sure equipment and transportation is not broken. Increase police and make sure that all police have cameras placed on their vests and inside their police cars.

I have a vision to stop racism. Everyone has the same values for our families. We all have the same hopes and visions to succeed. We all have a purpose in this world, so let’s try to get along, do our best and love one another.

At the end of the day, somethings in the world are not the best, but as we evolve, we can make the world a better place together. We shall never stop trying to make the world a better place.

I have a vision

I have a vision

Mikayla Mutcherson, 6th Grade | DeSoto East Middle School


Vision is defined as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.


I have a vision that all discrimination ends and all diversity begins. We need to stop judging each other and just live out our dreams. I’m talking about the educated individuals that know what they are doing but choose to be uncultured or closed-minded -- the type of people that point out ignorance but often display it.


See, we need people that don’t care where you came from but what you bring to the table.


I have a vision that we don’t have to be scared of the cops when we get pulled over.

I remember when I was 10, my mom and I got pulled over and I was scared.


Wonder why I was scared?


Have you seen or heard of situations where someone gets pulled over and they either get shot or beaten not because of a crime or incident, but because of their color? I was in the third grade when I heard the name Sandra Bland, then Terence Crutcher, then Philando Castile and Samuel DuBose. All of them know what that is like. None of the officers were convicted.


Wow. See what I mean. That needs to stop. It’s not fair. That needs to change.


I have a vision that people can grow up safely without having to worry about gang violence.

I have one question for you. Why? Why do we have to live like this?


I often see memorials for on a street or in the grass or the sidewalk for people who were possibly hit by a car but in some cases it may have been a drive by. Gang violence is not the way. We have kids dying. That’s not good at all. Is it that easy to take someone’s whole life away? I just can’t believe it.


I have a vision that someday this speech will be seen and people won’t have to deal with the problems that my great-grandmother had to or the problems we have to deal with today. If we didn’t have problems, Dr. King’s famous “I have a dream” speech would have never been written and I wouldn’t have to make this speech now, but until then, my name is Mikayla Mutcherson, I was born January 19, 2007, and I Have a Vision.