Lucky Number 9

Lucky Number 9
Posted on 05/02/2018
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Dallas Hobbs is a DeSoto High School Senior who, like his peers, has his heart set on college next year. Working with DHS' Advanced Academic team led by Gennifer Cowan, Hobbs has applied for a number of scholarships hoping to make his dream a reality.

Standing in the room as his peers were celebrated and recognized for their acceptance to the TCU Community Scholars program, Hobbs held back tears at the realization that he was not among the DHS cohort awarded the 8 full-ride scholarships valued at $260K.

Where his heart ached, he bought and presented gift bags to each of his classmates as a congratulatory effort and a way to process his own disappointment by celebrating others--a demonstration of the character and leadership in a moment where he could have taken on a very different response.

A month following that event, TCU officials contacted DeSoto ISD to announce they extended an additional scholarship to this year's cohort and that it would go to none other than Dallas Hobbs.

Dallas Hobbs is an incredible young man and demonstrated great grace and character in the midst of his heartache and disappointment over not being accepted. TCU has not extended additional offers following the announcement of the annual cohort so this is amazing and an extremely unique offer for Hobbs and TCU. It would be great if we could highlight him in some way or cover his experience.

Hobbs also had offers to colleges and universities like Michigan State and is a DeSoto High School International Baccalaureate student. The IB Diploma Program (DP) is a world-renowned, academically challenging, integrated instructional program that prepares students for the creative, independent and innovative thinking required for college in the 21st century.