Emergency Procedures Update

Emergency Procedures Update
Posted on 05/21/2018
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Information Parents and Students should be aware of in the event of a lockdown:

  1. Adhere to the direction of law enforcement, campus security and administrators.
  2. In the event a parent or community member is not already on the campus, do not go to the campus. The additional presence of spectators only complicates the logistical resolution of a lockdown situation. In the event a parent or community member does make their way to a campus, do not block roadways to the campus as it can limit additional law enforcement or medical emergency personnel from getting to the campus in a timely manner. In addition, small children should never be brought to an emergency situation.
  3. For information and updates, call central administration not the campus. In the event of an actual emergency, the district will provide updates via social media and School Messenger.
  4. Refrain from calling students and campus personnel. In the event of a lockdown, students and staff are encouraged to put all cell phones away and place them on silent mode. A lit or ringing cell phone could provide direction to someone seeking to cause harm.
  5. Refrain from spreading unconfirmed rumors. Unconfirmed rumors only more widespread panic. In the event of injury or casualties, law enforcement and medical emergency officials will make a report. All updates will come from official entities such as the city, the ISD, law enforcement or medical emergency officials.
  6. Refrain from removing students from campus without the consent and notification of campus personnel or law enforcement.
  7. Encourage students to remain on campus and follow the instruction(s) of teachers, administrators, campus security and law enforcement officials. When students do not follow instructors, they place themselves and their peers in grave danger.
  8. In the event of a lockdown, everyone involved should follow the lockdown plan which includes the following directives:
    1. Teachers:
      1. Lock interior doors
      2. Turn out the lights
      3. Move away from sight
      4. Maintain silence
      5. Take attendance
      6. In the event a class is outdoors or in a large, open area, move students to a secure location.
    2. Students:
      1. Move away from sight
      2. Maintain silence
      3. Do not open any doors
      4. Follow teacher instructions
      5. Refrain from cell phone use