400 DeSoto ISD Students Visit NASA

400 DeSoto ISD Students Visit NASA
Posted on 12/21/2018
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DeSoto ISD took 400 students to NASA to explore STEM in action at the Houston-based space center on Thursday, Dec. 20.

Students are exploring careers and projects involving space study and navigation and a great group of DeSoto ISD teachers and staff members spearheaded this exposure experience for district students!

The purpose of the field trip is to expose students to hands-on space science. Space Science is used and taught to help students understand our place in the universe. Students examine the Sun as a source of light and heat energy and investigate the importance of the Sun to life on Earth. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the Sun, its magnitude, distance from Earth, and resulting appearance. In their studies, an emphasis is placed on the use of models to represent the natural world, specifically the relative motion and the position of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and planets.

Today's visit to NASA Space Center in Houston will enhance classroom instruction by giving the students actual experience with life-like models and other interactive experiences.