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1. How do I know what my username is to log on to my computer and e-mail?

1. Usernames

- Usernames for new staff members are made up of your First Name and Last Name separated by a period (John.Doe).

- Staff members with names which exceed 20 characters are truncated to First Initial.LastName (J.ExtremelyLong-Name)

- Staff members with names matching pre-existing staff members names will receive a username which includes their middle initial (John.Q.Doe).

2. I am a new employee and I need an account.

Employees who have finalized their paperwork with Human Resources may already have a computer login account which is also used for accessing the district web site, TEAMS, and e-mail. You may also already have an account for Eduphoria!, CSCOPE, and other district resources. (See FAQ #1 for more information regarding username and password formats.)

If you are unsure whether you have an account or know that you do not have one, please use the following link to request a new account.

Employee Account Request Form

3. I cannot remember my password to....

If you need your password reset, please use the link below to request a password reset. If you cannot remember your Eduphoria! password, Eduphoria! passwords may be reset by using the reset link on the Eduphoria! login page at Eduphoria! .

Password Reset Form

4. What is my password for logging on to my computer and e-mail?


- Users are assigned an initial password of capital first initial, lower case last initial and their employee ID number. For example, for John Doe with an employee ID number of 12345, the initial password is Jd12345.

- Users are not required to change the initial password but are strongly encouraged to do so.

- Passwords do not expire but may be changed as deemed necessary by the user.

- Passwords must meet complexity requirements. The requirements include:

A. Passwords must contain at least 7 characters. Passwords with 15 characters are the most secure.

B. Passwords cannot contain any portion of your username.

C. Passwords must contain at least 3 of the 4 character types. (The 4 character types are: capital letter, lower case letter, numbers, and special characters.)

- Hardened passwords, passwords which meet complexity requirements and suggestions and which do not contain "dictionary" terms, are strongly encouraged and can provide users and the district information systems with appropriate security. Hardened passwords can be safely utilized on all district software platforms including Eduphoria and TEMS, allowing users to memorize a single strong password for all programs.

- Passwords should never be shared with other staff members or students and should only be written down in secure locations which are inaccessible to others.

* These password guidelines reflect several changes in policy from the 2011-2012 school year.

5. I have a Windows XP computer, and I am sure that my username and password are correct. Why can't I log on?

Windows XP Domain Field

- Users who have access to a Windows XP computer must ensure that the 3rd field of the login prompt is set to "DESOTO_AD". The 3rd field is a drop-down menu and also allows the Computer Name to be selected. However, successful login will only occur when the "DESOTO_AD" domain is selected.

6. How do I access my district e-mail?

Gmail Web Access

DeSoto ISD provides web-based e-mail access, allowing users to access their district e-mail anywhere where the Internet can be accessed with an appropriate client. Gmail Web Access can be accessed at .

7. I need to access a website that is being blocked by the district Internet filter. How do I request access?

DeSoto ISD uses an Internet filter to protect the staff and students of the district from exposure to inappropriate web materials. In some cases, the web filter may block sites that might be viewed as instructional/educational due to questionable content or links.

When you attempt to access a site which is blocked, you will be redirected to a page which looks like this:

Block page

If you encounter a blocked site which you believe should be accessible for instructional/educational purposes, and would like to submit a request to have the site unblocked, use the " Click Here " link provided on the block page to submit a request via e-mail. This is the best way to request assistance as this process provides us with detailed information about the URL of the site in question. You may also add any additional information necessary, such as justification, etc, to the e-mail prior to sending it.

Not all requests will be approved, but all requests will be reviewed and a response will be provided letting you know whether the site has been approved and why or why not.