Summer School and Programs

Learning is a year-round experience and DeSoto ISD has a wide array of opportunities to choose from for the summer. Use the links below to find a summer school or program that interests you.

Summer School Programs - students can recover their credits or get ahead in specific courses.

More Great Summer Learning Ideas:

For some students, online learning or family collaboration can be the best answer. Check out some of the following online websites for tools and suggestions:

Think outside the box.

  • For older students, consider a job, volunteer work or an internship with a local business. Even if unpaid, these opportunities can provide valuable hands-on experiences for your student that look good on a resume and college applications. 
  • Students of all grades can take a class at a local university, recreation center or sign-up for fine arts – theater, choir, instruments or art class. 
  • Encourage and model reading and writing by forming a book club. The group setting will help with sharing your ideas and discussing literary topics. Also, simple writing prompts for essays will develop critical thinking skills.
  • Journal your summer activities – maybe even a video journal or web blog.
  • Read the news and stay informed on important current and world events.

Summer Meals