Bullying Prevention and Response

Stand Up, Speak Out

Bullying Poster

DeSoto ISD has zero tolerance for bullying and other in-excusable behavior.

We take the following steps for students and staff to be educated and part of the solution:

  • Peer Mediation Programs
  • Mentoring Initiatives
    • DHS Alumni
    • Male Mentoring
    • Cinderella Program
  • “STAND UP” Student Pledge Week (Nov.)
  • Reporting Options
  • Zero Tolerance - Response/Support

Bullying, substance abuse, cheating and more - these behaviors are not okay! DeSoto ISD is committed to helping our students stay safe. The Stand Up, Speak Out initiative encourages students to make healthy decisions and ask for help when they or their friends are in need.

This comprehensive effort focuses on behaviors that can place the student and others at risk. These behaviors include: bullying, cyberbullying, teen dating violence, sexting, suicide, gangs, sexual harassment and substance abuse.

Components of this effort include: education, response and support, communication, reporting and evaluation.

Through the reporting component, students (or parents, staff, community members) are now able to report a concern through e-mail, text, by phone or online at www.stayalert.info

DeSoto ISD follows the Texas School Safety Center flowchart to help determine if written, verbal, electronic or physical conduct can be considered bullying according to the Texas Education Code, Section 37.0832. The District will also reference Board Policy FFI (LOCAL). DeSoto ISD responses to and investigates all reports or allegations of bullying.

Bullying Generally Defined: written or verbal expression or physical conduct that (1) has the effect of physically harming a student, damaging a student's property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm; or (2) is sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive enough that the action or threat creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for a student. Bullying occurs when a student, while at school (any school property during school day, school sponsored event regardless of location, bus stops, on school bus or ISD vehicle, or electronic/phone or writing outside school that causes major disruption of school setting) intentionally assaults, threatens, harasses, humiliates or taunts another student or when a students or group of students shun another student or maliciously spread rumors about another student.

Person(s) responsible for reporting bullying: 

  • The victim of bullying
  • Antone who witnesses the bullying
  • Anyone with credible information that an act of bullying is taking place

DeSoto ISD has a documentation form that classifies the level of offense and appropriate disciple response including verbal warning or loss of opportunity, parent notification, office referral, detention, suspension, or DAEP. In addition, the district can enact a victim safety plan if needed which could modify schedule changes, arrival times, transportation, locker access, lunch schedule, etc. This plan is shared with administration, teachers and counselor as needed. In some cases, the alleged perpetrator may be asked to sign a School-Based Stay Away Agreement.

All details of the above information are included in the DeSoto ISD Bullying and Harassment Prevention and Procedures handbook (see link above).