2018 Workshop Presenters

The following career professionals will be conducting the workshops for our 2018 Male Leadership Symposium attendees on Saturday, April 21 at DeSoto High School.

-  Middle school students (gr. 6-8) will need to select a DHS Experience Course for Workshop A, then select from the 40 career workshops for Workshop B.
-  High school students (gr. 9-12) will select from the 40 courses for Workshop A and B.

While the courses were created based on the endorsements for high school students, MLS attendees may select any course or speaker that interests them for the day.

STEM - Business Tech Analyst, Deloitte - Joshua Mitchell (DHS Alum)
STEM - Scientist, UTSW - Juan Villarreal
STEM - Dentist, Distinct Dental - Dr. Leo Davis
STEM - Cybersecurity, Hewlett Packard - Derrich Phillips
STEM - Engineer, MasTek - Steve Mason
STEM - Architect, Private - Eric Busby
STEM - STEM Administrator, Cedar Valley - Dr. Osaro Airen
STEM - Subcontractor, Lockheed Martin - Rashad Raynor
STEM - Software Engineer, Mutualink - Terrence Bunkley
STEM - Doctor - Dr. Lamar Conerly

Public Service - Pastor, CMBC - Sr. Pastor Oscar Epps
Public Service - Fit Men Cook App Developer - Kevin Curry
Public Service - Administrator, Health & Human Services - Leon McCowan
Public Service - Military, U.S. Army - Timothy Booker
Public Service - Rhodes Scholar, Oxford - Caylin Moore
Public Service - Board Member, DeSoto EDC - Perry Holloway
Public Service - Chiefs, DeSoto and GH Fire Dept - Chief Jerry Duffield, Cheif Eddie Burns, Sr.
Public Service - Judge, DeSoto Courts - Judge Scott Kurth
Public Service - VP Operations, Dallas YMCA - Keith Vinson
Public Service - Attorneys - Warren Seay, Jr.

Arts - Gospel Singer, Lil'Lott Music - Chad Lott
Arts - Image Consultant, Imageprenuers - Marcedes Fuller
Arts - Actor/Director/Playwright - Selmore Haines
Arts - Journalist/Photographer, KDFW - Kevin Bell
Arts - DJs, 97.9 The Beat - DJ Kayotik and P-Skillz
Arts - Chef, Spice Company Owner - Ken Patrick
Arts - Magazine Publisher, Southern Dallas County - James Thomas
Arts - Music Marketing, TAM Music - Terry McGill
Arts - Fashion Design, RISE Clothing - Tim and Terrence Maiden
Arts - Athlete / Broadcaster, NBA, ESPN/UNTDtv - Stephen Howard

Business - Marketing Manager, Uber - Jonathan Mark
Business - Realtor - Kenzie Moore
Business - Senior VP, Plains Capital Bank - Kevin Davis
Business - VP Marketing, Atmos Energy - Oric Walker
Business - Insurance Agent, State Farm - Jarvis Hill
Business - GM/Strength Coach, The Den Performance - Dennis Conner
Business - Operations Manager, Wal-Mart Distribution - Jira Sansom
Business - Restauranteur, Ten Eleven Grill - Calvin Bryant
Business - Marketing Manager, National Life Group - NeAndre Broussard
Business - Entrepreneur, AD Nettles, LLC - Archie Nettles