Eagles N.E.S.T.

Eagles N.E.S.T.

(New Expectations and Successful Transitions)
Saturday, December 2. 2017
8 a.m.- Noon

East Middle School, 601 E. Belt Line Rd., DeSoto
West Middle School, 800 N. Westmoreland Rd., DeSoto
McCowan Middle School, 1500 Majestic Meadows Dr., Glenn Heights

Online pre-registration closed Nov. 29.
Onsite registration at each middle school starting at 8 a.m.

The goal of the DeSoto ISD Eagles NEST is to help foster a sense of community for our incoming 6th graders and their families. We want to alleviate the fears that many parents and students have as their child enters the next stage of their educational career.

Our incoming 6th graders will enter the building next fall better prepared to learn and with less anxiety. In addition, we want to reduce the number of parent phone calls by answering questions up front. Most important, our students enter the school with the mindset that we are a community that supports them and we have respect for each other.

Based on student feedback, three of the biggest fears for incoming students are academics/magnets, having seven different teachers, and navigating a new, larger school. We have activities designed to help alleviate these fears. Students and parents tour the campus and have the chance to become familiar with the floor plan. One of the most popular activities is the campus scavenger hunt! At each station, students, and parents learn more about the campus.

After last year’s event, students reported they made new friends and parents met other parents making the transition easier. The experience led to closer relationships and a sense of community.