Jr. Energy Managers


Each year the DeSoto ISD Energy Management Department selects 1 student from each campus as its Jr. Energy Manager. An essay contest it held using a rubric scoring system to determine who the Jr. Energy Manager will be for that campus. The selected student will receive an iPad to use for his duties at the school, a t-shirt and a badge.

Jr. Energy Manager Job Description:

  • Conduct campus audits for lights, doors, monitors, computers and misc. items to identify energy savings opportunities.
  • Report any abuse or misuse of energy (running water, leaking faucets, burnt out lights and gas smells).
  • Help promote the Energy Program to fellow students and teachers to increase awareness of energy use.

 2016-17 Jr Energy Managers
New Jr. Energy Managers / Fifth Grade
Cerinity Brown

Cockrell Hill Elementary

Chynna Hyder
Meadows Elementary

Natalie Espiricueta

Moates Elementary

Maya Brackens
Northside Elementary

Abiba Moncriffe

Ruby Young Elementary

Jian Long Wu
Woodridge Elementary
 Returning Jr. Energy Managers
Marques Cameron
West MS - 6th Grade
Devin Paige
West MS - 6th Grade
Kayla Jackson
West MS - 7th Grade
Erica Howell
East MS - 6th Grade
Noa Woodfin
East MS - 7th Grade
 Eduardo Nava
East MS - 6th Grade
Nia Nash
McCowan - 6th Grade
Alyssa Cruz
McCowan MS - 6th Grade
Alaina Cruz
McCowan MS - 7th Grade
Jeremiah Toussah
McCowan MS - 7th Grade