Energy Incentive Program - Dollars for Energy

Program Overview
The Energy Manager will conduct (2) daytime audits and (1) afterhours audit at each campus per month. The findings from the audit will be on an Energy Compliance Audit Report and emailed to each campus principal. There will be (1) winner each month from both elementary and secondary schools. Winners will receive a Trophy and $$$$. There will be (1) winner from both elementary and secondary schools for “Energy Star of the Quarter” which will receive a Plaque, $$$$$$ and a staff Breakfast or Lunch and recognition at a School Board Meeting. Money awarded will go to the schools general education budget.
Program Guidelines
  • Elementary vs. Elementary
  • Secondary vs. Secondary
  • Daytime Audit
  • Afterhours Audit
  • Monthly Winners
  • Quarterly Winners
Non Instructional / Non Acceptable Items in Rooms # of Points
Plug-in air fresheners/Scented air fresheners 2
Hot plates/Food warmers/Heat lamps/Heating Pads 4
Candle warmers 3
Microwaves 5
Portable Heaters* 5
Candles 3
Electric Flat/Steam Irons 3
Coffee Pots/Makers 4
Toaster Ovens 4
Refrigerators* 5
Items Left on # of Points
Computers 5
Monitors 3
Printers 3
Lights On Unoccupied 4
Copiers 3
Laminators 5
Windows open during the day 4
Doors open to Areas 4
TV Monitors 3

  • The winners will be awarded based on lowest point total from audits. 
  • Tie breakers will be determined based on highest percentage of Cost Avoidance. 

Winner Gets $250-$2000!