Facility Reservation & After Hours Air Request

1. Login to School Dude
     Go to FSDirect
     Sign In
2. Go to New Schedule
3. Select from the three choice Schedules (Normal, Recurring or Irregular Schedule)
4. Enter information in all the required fields checked marked in red
5. Enter Event Title
6. Select a Location
7. Select the room/rooms
8. Select Event Dates
9. Enter Start & End Times
10. Modify Setup Begin Time if you need time to set up event
11. Check Availability
12. Do not make changes in the Duration field
13. Choose an Organization or Enter Organization Information
14. Select Invoice Type (Charge back, Payment, or No Charge)
15. Enter Insurance Information if needed
16. Enter Set Up Requirements

a) Audio/Visual (Technology)
b) Catering (Child Nutrition)
c) Communications
d) Custodial
e) Event Set Up (Plant Services)
f) Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (Facility & Energy Management)
g) Security

17. Enter the number of Attending
18. Enter Booked by
19. Hit the Save button after you have reviewed your reservation
20. Once your reservation is processed, at the top you will see Schedule has been saved &  ID number

After your request is submitted you will receive an Approved or Denied Email
for your request.

All Requests are pending until the week of your reservation.

If you have any questions regarding School Dude Facilities & Events please contact elpidia.diaz@desotoisd.org or comfort issues please contact EMS Manager darrell.riley@desotoisd.org.

Click on the links below for more information about Facility Reservations:

  • Facility Use and Guidelines
  • Facility Use Letter