Learn How to Apply

For your convenience, apply online at www.desotoisd.org/magnets beginning December 19, 2016.  Only one application per student will be accepted. However, if you have more than one child, an application must be completed for each child applying for a Magnet Program. Falsifying information on the Magnet application will invalidate the application, and the student's application will be excluded from the selection process.

Application Process For 2017-2018 Magnet Programs

The online application for the DeSoto ISD Magnet Programs will open on
December 19, 2016, at 9:00 a.m. and will close at midnight on January 23, 2016, for elementary and middle school and on January 30, 2016, for high school. Students do not have to re-apply for admission into the same magnet program in which they are currently enrolled. DeSoto ISD is a Selective Enrollment district for elementary, middle and high school students. Students wishing to apply from outside the district must meet criteria and complete the Selective Enrollment paperwork if accepted into a Magnet Program.

  • Procedure:

    • Only one application per student is permitted.
    • Students may apply for up to three magnet programs by indicating the most preferred program as your first choice. Once your application is submitted, you will not be able to change the order of your choices.
    • Program enrollment is established by grade level and school capacity.
    • Applying for a program does not guarantee an offer.
    • Students must meet eligibility criteria for the selected program and be able to take magnet courses.
    • All eligible applicants who meet the application deadline will be considered for available seats based on the timestamp of submitted application. If there are more eligible applicants requesting admission to a specific magnet program than the number of seats available, then we will look at the second choice.
    • If you accept a magnet offer, your student is no longer eligible for any other magnet program.


    • DeSoto ISD offers magnet programs for students entering grades K-9.
    • Applicants for a Fine Arts magnet program must meet audition requirements to be considered for placement.

    Required Documentation:

    • Current Report Card (all current DeSoto ISD and outside students).
    • Current utility bill for address and residency verification.
    • Applications will not be considered without the necessary documentation on file.


    • Eligible students who submit applications by the deadline of Monday, January 23, 2017, for elementary and middle school and Monday, January 30, 2017, for high school will receive a confirmed receipt of their application. 
    • Magnet program interviews/auditions will take place in February. 
    • Students will be notified of program acceptance in the second week of March.


    • DeSoto ISD gives a sibling preference for those meeting the criteria and if space is available. For the purpose of this preference, siblings are brothers and sisters, step-brothers and step-sisters, or half -brothers and half-sisters living at the same address.
    • To be eligible for this preference, the sibling must meet any academic or related criteria for the program and must submit an application per the application requirements.
    • Consideration for sibling preference is given to eligible applicants on a space-available basis and must be indicated on the application.
    • Failure to apply by the deadline or indicate sibling preference on the application will result in denial of the sibling preference for the younger sibling.


    • Transportation is not provided for magnet program students outside of their neighborhood schools. If a student is enrolled in a magnet program at his or her zoned school, the student will be eligible for transportation according to district policy.