Employee Leave Information

Employees who expect to be absent for more than 5 days for personal or family illness, or who will need maternity or adoption leave, or who will miss at least 1 day for military duty, must be assigned leave benefits by the Leave Specialist located in the DeSoto ISD Human Resources Department. Employees or their supervisors should report these absences in advance via TEAMS or as soon as possible after the absence begins. 

Leave Forms:

Absence from Duty/ Absence Request Form
DeSoto ISD Basic Leave Entitlement
FMLA Fact Sheet 
FMLA Overview 
FMLA Rights & Responsibilities 
Medical Packet Receipt 
Sick Pool Leave Policy 
Sick Pool Physician Statement

Please refer specific questions to the leaveinfo@desotoisd.org.


Tazmean Mitchell
HR Specialist, Substitutes & Leave


Confidential Fax Line for Medical Documents: (972) 441-2536