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PLEASE NOTE: The Talent Management Department will provide all employees with their initial district ID badge.  Employees whose ID badges are lost, stolen, damaged, or demagnetized will be assessed a $6.00 fee for replacement.  If your ID badge malfunctions due to mechanical error within 60 days of being issued, it will be replaced at no additional cost. 

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Dr. Cobb

Dr. Darryl O. Cobb
Assistant Superintendent, Talent Management 
(972) 274-8212 Ext. 8279 

Victoria Riser 
Executive Assistant, Talent Management 
972-274-8212 Ext. 8279 

Zoraida Martinez

Specialist, Compensation and Data Management
(972) 274-8212 Ext. 8299

Tazmean Mitchell
Specialist, Substitute and Leave 
972-274-8212 Ext. 8259
Beth Fincher

Beth Fincher
Director, Recruitment and Retention
(972) 274-8212 Ext. 8232

Sherry Frizzelle
Specialist, Staffing and Certification
(972) 274-8212 Ext. 8220

Gabriela Gamboa 
Specialist, Records Management 
972-274-8212 Ext. 8229