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What is T-STEM?

T-STEM is a state initiative that stands for Texas – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It is a collaboration program between Educate Texas and the Texas Education Agency. T-STEM Academies are designated by the Texas Education Agency and serve as demonstration schools and learning labs, which develop innovative methods to improve science and math instruction.

T-STEM Mission

Increase the number of students entering postsecondary studies and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematicsT-STEM Objectives The T-STEM mission is to provide students access to and create a solid foundation in programs designed to prepare students for academic and professional careers in mathematics, engineering, science, and technology.

T-STEM Objectives

  • Facilitate the promotion of quality school leadership that supports school redesign efforts, quality teacher recruitment and improved teacher preparation
  • Assist in the long-term educational and economic development, and alignment of these fields
  • Increase the number of women and minority students that go into STEM fields
  • Incorporate interdisciplinary STEM projects

DeSoto ISD
T-STEM Pipeline

T-STEM Pipeline

Pre-K Program
Amber Terrace Discovery & Design Early Childhood Academy – Kibo Robotics Kits

Elementary Programs
Meadows iSTEAM Magnet Academy

Ruby Young Medical & Environmental Sciences Magnet Academy
Frank D. Moates Digital Arts & Technology Magnet Academy (opens 2016-2017)

Middle School Programs
West Middle School iSTEAM3D Magnet Academy

East Middle School iSTEAM3D Magnet Academy
McCowan Middle School iSTEAM3D Magnet Academy
East Middle School Medical Magnet Academy

High School Programs
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Program of Study

Health Science Technology Program of Study
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Program of Study
Science, Technology, Engineering, & math (STEM) Program of Study
Information Technology Program of Study




West Middle School iSTEAM3D Magnet Academy teacher Tamara Thomas secured $1,000 (over half of the funds needed) to implement SeaPerch, a STEM underwater robotics program that includes a remotely operated vehicle created from a kit of low-cost, accessible parts. SeaPerch exposes students to engineering principles, problem-solving, teamwork, tool safety, design, and competitions. Thomas launched a letter writing campaign and secured a $1,000 donation from the Sid Richardson Foundation in Fort Worth. 

For more information about the DeSoto ISD T-STEM Academy please contact:

Melinda Pugh
T-STEM Coordinator