FitnessGram/ActivityGram enables a district to promote awareness about the importance of physical activity and fitness, assess the fitness and activity levels of children in grades K-12, and help students develop patterns of lifelong, health-promoting physical activity. FitnessGram was developed by The Cooper Institute in an effort to provide physical educators with a tool that would facilitate communicating fitness testing results to students and to parents. The assessment measures three components of health-related physical fitness that have been identified as important to overall health and function:

  • aerobic capacity
  • body composition
  • muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility

Each score is evaluated against criterion-referenced standards that have been established to indicate levels of fitness corresponding with health. Standards have been set for boys and for girls based on age. Since only modest amounts of exercise are needed for obtaining health benefits, most students who participate in physical activity almost every day will be able to achieve a score that will place them in the Healthy Fitness Zone. The FitnessGram give districts the opportunity to work with parents to create a healthy lifestyle for every child.