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The mission statement of the DeSoto Independent School District Bilingual/Dual Language/English as a Second Language Program is to equip all students with diverse language needs to reach their full educational potential to be productive, responsible, and competitive members of society.


The goal of the DeSoto Independent School District Bilingual/Dual Language/English as a Second Language Program is to provide second language learners in grades Pre-K through 12 equal access to district resources and programs in order to ensure that each student attain the highest level of education possible. Each highly qualified educator will have high student expectations and will receive on-going training in research-based practices, thereby guaranteeing exemplary instruction in both English and the primary language. The DeSoto Independent School District Bilingual/ Dual Language/ English as a Second Language Program will create a learning community that is nurturing, compassionate, and respectful of the affective, linguistic, and cognitive needs of the English Language Learner.

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The DeSoto Independent School District Bilingual Program consists of early-exit transition and two-way dual language models. It is an enrichment program that educates English Language Learners using both English and their first language for academic instruction. The Dual Language is a combination of program models. It is an additive form of bilingual immersion. It integrates the English native speaker with speakers of Spanish native speakers. All students are acquiring and developing a second language. These programs aim to promote high levels of academic achievement in all curriculum areas and full academic language proficiency in the students’ first and second language.

Dual Language

Dual Language programs, also known as two-way immersion programs, allow students to develop proficiency in two languages by receiving classroom instruction in English and Spanish. The classroom is comprised of 40% native English speakers and 60% native Spanish speakers. Dual Language programs provide both sets of students with ample exposure to both languages, allowing them to progress academically while becoming biliterate and bicultural.

Students receive 50% of their instruction in the minority language, and 50% of their instruction in English (the 50:50 model includes instructional content in language arts in the two languages). The two languages are kept separate at all times during instruction. English Language Learners (ELLs) continue to follow their ELL plans and strategies that are developed to guarantee their adequate progress. Students are expected to meet grade level expectations in all subject areas. Assessment of student progress is required in both languages.

A commitment is made for continual training in best practices and second language acquisition and literacy for teachers in the program.

English As A Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL) is intensive English language instruction by teachers trained and certified in English second language acquisition strategies. The second language strategies are used with TEKS based content, as well as language development. The curriculum is delivered as differentiated instruction based on language proficiency levels.

State law requires school districts to provide ESL:

  • In elementary schools when there is one student classified as Limited English Proficient (LEP) students of the same language enrolled in the same grade level in the district
  • In middle and high schools with LEP student enrollment

An ESL program provides intensive instruction in the four domains for comprehending English. The four domains are: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students in pre-kindergarten through high school who list a language other than English on their home language survey are given oral language proficiency test to be a part of the ESL program. DeSoto ISD employs inclusion model with a certified ESL teacher in the elementary and a pull out program for secondary students.

An ESL program develops competence in English and prepares the student to be successful in all academic subjects.

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Meeting Dates and Times


BILINGUAL / ESL LEAD PERSON MEETINGS - 2016-17 @ ISC  Education Resource Room

BILINGUAL / ESL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - 2016-17 @ Beltline Conference Center



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