Middle School Magnets

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2016-17 Middle School Course Catalog

Middle School Magnet Academy Choices

All Middle School Magnet Academy Applications - open January 13, 2016, and close February 5, 2016.

West Middle School International Male Leadership Academy

In addition to the standard middle school curriculum, the West MS International Male Leadership Academy will incorporate a weekly character, civic, and leadership learning component. Additionally, nontraditional sports, i.e. lacrosse, will be offered. Each classroom will be a place that where education is directed to the unique learning styles of boys. In addition, we will provide a culture where competition in academics is a natural fit and it is cool for boys to study. As a result, the teaching staff will be highly trained in research-based strategies that benefit young males; consequently, our students will be more academically successful and motivated to be life-long learners.

Research reveals that boys learn differently than girls. There are gender specific educational styles and expectations for teacher-student relationships. Boys and girls bring different needs and goals to the classroom.

Adolescence is a turbulent time for growth: physically, socially and academically. The pressure to assume an identity is formidable. The all boys setting will allow our students freedom to be themselves without worrying about what the girls think. It is our goal to create a successful male leadership magnet that embraces a peer culture where young men feel free to be themselves, pursuing their interests and talents regardless of social stereotyping.

You can expect highly visible male role models, mentoring, extracurricular activities (including band, art, music, athletics, choir, etc..) and higher education, corporate, civic, and community partnerships. Parents will play a defining role as they will be required to volunteer each semester. 

West International Baccalaureate (seeking candidacy)

Middle Years Programme - A challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world, the MYP is inclusive by design; students of all interests and academic abilities can benefit from their participation.

East Middle School Medical Magnet Academy 

The East MS Medical Magnet Academy program offers a rigorous curriculum that focuses on the medical concepts and prepares students for a wide range of careers in the healthcare field. Students in the program will work closely with faculty members and community partners including surgeons, professors, hospital personnel and other professionals to create an environment supportive of creative and independent academic exploration with real-world relevance. 

McCowan Middle School Fine Arts Magnet Academy 

The McCowan MS Fine Arts Magnet Academy will provide an inspiring and robust program for students who are pursuing an accelerated arts curriculum as fine arts majors. We will focus on a TEKS driven, state standards focused curriculum and is supported by the Texas Education Agency guidelines for college readiness in fine arts and the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts. The program will offer its students both meaningful and enriching opportunities in the areas of visual arts, dance, band, orchestra, choral music, drama, and piano. Additionally, the middle school program serves as a continuum from Woodridge Fine Arts Elementary and as a feeder for DeSoto High School fine arts program.